Huirong attends the global summit of open computing project (OCP)

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: Simo) (“Silicon motion”), the global leader in NAND flash memory controllers and solid-state storage devices, recently announced that it will participate in the open computing project (OCP) The global summit will be held live and virtual at the San Jose Convention Center. At OCP, we will introduce our latest leading SSD controllers, SSD solutions, single chip SSDs for boot drives, all flash arrays, and software defined storage solutions to enterprise and data center customers.

Silicon dynamics provides a comprehensive enterprise product portfolio that meets OCP’s cloud SSD specification, and develops leading innovative technologies that exceed nvme specifications to meet the target performance of various dimensions. Our new enterprise controller solution adopts integrated hardware and firmware and advanced security function design, and conforms to OCP data center nvme specification, security and edsff outline dimensions for enterprise customers. With our extensive understanding of NAND features and flexible ASIC and firmware design capabilities, our enterprise solutions can meet a wider range of customer needs than our competitors. In addition, thin layer chromatography and QLC NAND are used to provide more reliable SSD. Our SSD controllers and SSD solutions have been designed for use in well-known data centers.

“We are committed to providing data center and storage customers with the enterprise level functionality, performance and reliability they expect, while helping them optimize their total cost of ownership. Our PCIe nvme platform has a flexible and powerful high-performance and QoS management architecture, which can provide efficient storage solutions for the next generation of enterprise and data center workloads,” said Nelson Duane, senior vice president of marketing and research and development. “At the OCP global summit, we will introduce our product roadmap, including our upcoming PCIe gen5 nvme platform for OCP data center nvme SSD specifications and edsff dimensions, and plan to provide samples in 2022.”

SWIR announces airlink ® Rv50x router is FCC certified

Sierra wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW), the world’s leading provider of Internet of things solutions, today announced that its airlink ® The rv50x router has passed the use certification of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), enabling existing and new customers to access the 900 MHz dedicated wireless broadband spectrum of anterix. The rv50x ruggedized cellular router uses the Sierra wireless mc7455 module with band 8 spectrum and network allocation duplex (NAD) support as the foundation of critical infrastructure.

“We are happy to bring Sierra wireless airlink ® The rv50x router and mc7455 module are added to our anterix active business ready technology family for 900 MHz private LTE networks, “said Carlos L ‘Abbate, chief technology and engineering officer of anterix. “Sierra wireless solutions plays a key role in connecting the critical infrastructure of utilities.”

Tom Mueller, vice president of enterprise network of Sierra wireless products, said: “with FCC certification, our rv50x router can be used in the 900 MHz spectrum of anterix. Customers can now access private LTE for their key infrastructure applications and provide extended products for private Internet of things networks.” “In addition, new and existing rv50x customers can use the spectrum of anterix and the dual sim card function of rv50x to run on commercial operators, and migrate the router to 900 MHz when their private network is launched.”

Huawei releases wireless intelligent architecture intelligentran

Huawei held a wireless innovative products and solutions conference and mwc2022 pre communication meeting, and proposed an innovative wireless network architecture, intelligentran. Gan bin, vice president and chief marketing officer of Huawei wireless network, said that intelligentran integrates intelligence into the business, experience and operation and maintenance of wireless networks, and realizes the self-knowledge network of business intelligence camp, network intelligence excellence and operation and maintenance intelligence simplicity, which is the key to building a smart society of all things.

“The development of intelligent technology can support the correlation analysis, intelligent prediction and intelligent decision-making of big data in wireless networks. Intelligentran came into being. Aiming at zero business waiting, zero experience fluctuation, zero network failure, and excellent experience and energy efficiency, it introduced MIE (mobile intelligent engine), and opened the road of wireless intelligence through the collaboration of data, models and decisions on the base station and the network side.” Gan Bin said in the press conference, and announced a series of key technologies of intelligentran as adn in wireless networks.

“Intelligentran, realize self intelligent network, enable thousands of industries with intelligent wireless network, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the sustainable development of digital and mobile industry in the whole society. We expect to open up and cooperate with operators and industry partners to accelerate the realization of this goal.” Gan bin called at the end of the press conference.

This article is compiled from Huawei SWIR Huirong
Reviewed by: Peng Jing

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