According to Taiwan’s supply chain manufacturer, Huawei plans to launch its next-generation mate x collapsible screen smartphone in the second half of 2020 in order to maintain its leading position in this market field.

Sources said that some Huawei suppliers, including hinge and panel suppliers, have begun small batch production tests of parts for this new foldable screen mobile phone.

The above sources pointed out that Taiwan’s hinge manufacturers have seen considerable development potential in the field of foldable screen smart phones and have launched capacity expansion projects.

Jarlllytec, a hinge professional company, revealed that the company plans to invest more batch furnaces in 2020 to produce metal injection molding (MIM) parts for foldable screen smartphones and other terminal devices.

The source said that the company has established a partnership with two mainland smartphone brands to design and produce hinges for its foldable screen models, but the company has not yet formulated a schedule for mass production.

However, due to the very complex design of the components of the foldable screen smartphone and the problems in the supply of flexible panels, the source said that the shipment of the hinge equipment of the foldable screen smartphone will not be estimated until at least the second half of 2020.  

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