Since 2019, the United States has implemented a number of measures against Huawei. Especially in 2020, the US Department of commerce not only cut off the global supply chain of Huawei’s chips, but also continued to lobby countries to obstruct the development of Huawei’s 5g business overseas.

5g orders were exceeded by Ericsson

Under the U.S. ban and related impacts, Huawei has never updated the 5g order quantity since it announced that it had obtained 91 5g commercial contracts in early 2020.

In contrast, Ericsson and Nokia, two old European telecom giants, have been refreshing the number of 5g commercial contracts in 2020. Among them, Ericsson is the first telecom equipment supplier with more than 100 5g orders.

Following Ericsson, Nokia has more than 100 5g orders. Huawei, however, remains at 91. Although the industry has many guesses about the number of 5g orders of Huawei, the company has little chance to surpass Ericsson at present.

Huawei 5g seeks a breakthrough

Perhaps it is for this reason that Huawei has begun to look for other breakthroughs in 5g.

Guoping, the rotating chairman of Huawei, has said publicly for many times that Huawei 5g is about to enter the next stage of development, that is, to “develop industrial applications and release 5g dividends”. Compared with the competition in the number of orders, the industrialized application of overweight 5g is obviously more mature.

Some time ago, Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, visited Shanxi Huayang Group and Hunan Xianggang to investigate the integration progress and empowerment of Huawei 5g with traditional industries.

Among them, the intelligent application site of Hunan Xianggang has proved that artificial intelligence can be regarded as one of the breakthroughs of Huawei 5g.

Invest RMB 1.5 billion to build 5g factory

In addition, Huawei has found another breakthrough.

On January 28, France Radio International reported that Huawei officially announced that it planned to build a 5g equipment factory in eastern France. The plant is expected to be put into operation in 2023. It is understood that this is the first 5g equipment related factory built by Huawei outside China. This shows Huawei’s firm belief in applying 5g technology to all parts of the world.

It is understood that this factory will provide technical equipment for 5g in Europe, mainly in the field of wireless communication. The total investment of the plant reaches 200million euros, and 300 to 500 workers will be employed in the future. It is expected that the total amount of equipment produced by the plant will reach 1billion euros per year after it is put into operation.

Write at the end

In my opinion, as long as Huawei has the advantage of 5g technology, it can find a breakthrough from all angles. Backed by the huge Chinese market, the number of overseas 5g orders has not become the standard to measure Huawei’s 5g strength.

Huawei is expected to go deep into Europe, South America and the world with the help of 5g industrial application.
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