The 2K version of AI full-color camera of Huawei smart choice is newly upgraded, and the upgrade does not increase the price. Now Huawei mall has been officially put on the shelves. The price of 3.1-3.2 is reduced by 20 yuan within a limited time, and the price is 159 yuan!

Huawei’s AI full-color camera has been upgraded from 1080p to 2K ultra-clear image quality, and is equipped with f2.0 large aperture and ultra sensitive image sensor, which makes the image quality clearer. Even if you zoom in, the details are still clear.

Huawei officially launched AI full color camera 2K

This AI full-color camera is equipped with super sensitive sensor, which can realize low light level full-color and clear night vision. In the weak night light, it can also present the color video picture. In the all black state, it can automatically switch the night vision enhancement mode. You can see your baby without turning on the light.

It also supports AI intelligent tracking and can automatically follow pet. If there is any abnormal situation, the camera will also record a small video in real time and push the warning to inform the host.

At the same time, the enhanced ability of AI filtering can avoid the situation of warning at the slightest disturbance, which is safe and more efficient.

In addition, the AI full-color camera can also realize intelligent linkage with Huawei hilink ecological products, and it has become a reality that the deployment mode can be started when you leave home.

In terms of installation, it not only supports flat on the desktop, but also supports lifting on the roof, supports 360 degree rotation, can view the whole house picture through mobile app, and also supports two-way voice real-time call.

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