On October 22, Huawei launched Huawei mate40 series for the world, achieving unprecedented breakthroughs in powerful performance, all-round imaging and innovative interaction. In particular, its new super perception Leica film imaging system introduced front and rear dual film lenses and front and rear dual super wide-angle, which showed us the peak strength of Huawei mate40 series to further solve user pain points and define the future of mobile phone imaging.

Huawei mate40 series new super perception Leica film imaging system leads the industry forward

50 megapixel Leica main photo: super large bottom and super high image quality

When it comes to mobile phone images, image quality is often the primary criterion. This is the truth that “we should shoot first, and then talk about shooting well”. This involves the comprehensive consideration of pixels, sensors and algorithms, and the size of camera sensors is playing a more and more important role, that is, the “bottom big one kills people”.

Huawei mate40 series is equipped with the industry’s original 50 million pixel super sensing Leica main camera. It has the industry-leading 1 / 1.28 inch photosensitive size, exclusive ryy B-ultrasound photosensitive capacity, exclusive full pixel 8-core focusing and exclusive 8-channel multispectral sensor, so that users can obtain the ultimate clear image resolution comparable to professional equipment and will not miss any details when taking photos, Easily shoot movie level 4K quality video.

Front and rear ultra wide angle: one mirror receives and rejects distortion

Whether it’s traveling to shoot magnificent buildings, gathering with friends, taking self photos, shooting vlog, or live broadcasting with goods, more and more people begin to fall in love with “ultra wide angle”. But mobile phone products make complaints about the super wide-angle, which makes many self timer tucking up, and most of the ultra wide-angle lenses will produce obvious distortion, which will cause the image edge of the master image to be “distorted”.

Huawei mate40pro and mate40pro + are not only equipped with a rear 20 megapixel ultra wide angle camera, but also have a large photosensitive size of 1 / 1.53 inch and ultra wide field of view. The imaging distortion correction algorithm can further optimize the distortion, improve the anti distortion output of portrait, and achieve real ultra wide angle photography. They can easily collect the skyscrapers close at hand. When taking a group photo for graduation photos, It can make everyone become a beautiful protagonist.

Not only does the rear lens system have an ultra wide angle, Huawei mate40 series is equipped with an ultra perceptual front camera, which not only provides ultra-high definition image quality, which can retain rich details such as skin texture, hair and eyelashes, but also has a wider range of shooting. When taking horizontal selfie and group photos, the mobile phone automatically switches to three-level wide-angle shooting, which can accommodate more people and vision, Face distortion correction can significantly improve the distortion of self portrait.

How can super wide angle be called a movie camera? This is mainly because Huawei mate40pro and mate40pro + have the front and rear 100 ° super wide-angle capability. They can open the rear main camera and front camera at the same time, record the front and rear two high-definition pictures, and shoot the front and rear super wide-angle dual view video at the same time, so as to realize the wonderful and complete expression of the same frame of the video of the photographer and the subject. This black technology really doubles the fun of mobile phone images for sun tourism, sun pets, especially sun baby “crazy demons”. Both front and rear can be ultra wide angle. Mate40 series makes the evolution ability of mobile phone images in ultra wide angle exceed that of professional photography equipment.

Telephoto set another record: pull the world to the front and reach it in the distance

Distance produces beauty, which is a famous proposition of aesthetics. But if this is put into shooting scenes from a long distance with a mobile phone, I’m afraid that the classic line will become the “pain point” of most mobile camera users – “when the distance is opened, the beauty is gone”.

The poor effect of long-distance shooting with telephoto lens has always been a difficult problem of mobile phone images. In this regard, using the periscope optical zoom structure, Huawei mate40pro realizes 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom, Huawei mate40pro + realizes 20x hybrid zoom and 100x digital zoom, and can achieve up to 17x optical zoom. Using Huawei mate40 series, you can have a panoramic view of large trees on distant mountains, even birds and butterflies on trees and branches, I’m afraid shooting the moon is just a starting function. The distant scenery can be reached at one touch, so that you can really enjoy the beauty of the world at one click.

With continuous technological innovation, Huawei continues to evolve and make breakthroughs in mobile image capability. Huawei mate40 series creates an epoch-making all-round image capability of full scene, full time and full focus for users with the peak super perception Leica film image system, leading the industry in the “mobile image competition”.

It is still some time before the domestic press conference and official launch of Huawei mate40 series on October 30. Huawei mate40 series has opened an appointment. At present, the reservation competition is really fierce. Many netizens are stuck in the “queue” on the official website. At this time, try other e-commerce channels or offline stores, and you may be surprised!

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