4、 Huawei intelligent data storage solution

1. Fusioncube 2000 edge mixed load solution

Huawei fusioncube 2000 is an IT infrastructure platform for edge data. It follows the open architecture standard, integrates computing and storage, and pre integrates distributed storage engine, virtualization and cloud management software. Resources can be deployed on demand and expanded linearly. Fusioncube 2000 supports Kunpeng ecology. According to the business requirements, fusioncube 2000 can flexibly meet the business requirements for flexible configuration of computing, storage and I / O, and meet the various types of application load modes of a set of IT infrastructure at the edge. Fusioncube 2000 is an ideal choice for edge IT infrastructure.

Support Kunpeng processor

More than 100000 IOPs per node

Support mixed load such as virtualization and database

2. Fusioncube 1000 edge micro data center solution

Huawei fusioncube is a full stack integrated solution designed for enterprise branches, which integrates the necessary computing, storage, network, virtualization and UPS resources of branches. It can complete pre connection and pre configuration according to customer planning, deliver the whole cabinet, and plug in the customer’s field for use. It can also be used through fusioncube center Vision realizes remote centralized management, which is an ideal choice for branch informatization.

Support Kunpeng processor

Maximum support management 20000 + Branch edge sites

Support mobile app operation and maintenance

Support the whole cabinet delivery of computing, storage, network, switch, firewall and UPS

3. Fusiondata intelligent data Lake solution

Support the intelligent management of data in the whole life cycle; redefine the data infrastructure from the three levels of data access, data processing and data enabling, help customers embrace the industry digitization, transform data resources into assets and release data value.

· leading diverse data connectivity

· leading intelligent data enabling

Redefine intelligent data processing

4. Disaster recovery solutions

Huawei is committed to building multi-level and all-round disaster recovery solutions for customers from bottom data to upper application, from single data center to multiple data centers, fully meeting the requirements of disaster recovery system construction in various industries, and effectively ensuring business continuity.

Main and standby disaster recovery: disaster recovery in the same city or other places. In case of disaster, the business of disaster recovery center can recover quickly and provide external services;

Dual active disaster recovery: disaster recovery in the same city, two data centers provide services at the same time, with zero application interruption and zero data loss;

Two places and three centers: dual active / standby disaster recovery in the same city, remote standby disaster recovery, multiple disaster recovery, higher business continuity guarantee.

5. Huawei backup solution

It provides centralized backup and integrated backup, supports application backup of database, file system, virtual machine, big data and mail system, solves the problems of low efficiency of data backup, high TCO and difficult data utilization, and aims to help enterprises accelerate the process of digital transformation.

High efficiency: support real-time monitoring and backup application IO, protection granularity is less than 1 second, 300 times higher than the traditional backup frequency;

Low cost: backup, disaster recovery, development test, analysis share data copies, reduce the number of data copies, save more than 50% of the construction cost;

Flexibility: the backup data is directly used for development and testing, and the preparation time of development and testing data is reduced from “days” to “hours” to speed up the business launch.

5、 Data management

OceanStor DJ

Intelligent storage management platform has three advantages of integration, automation and intelligence. It can realize the automation and intelligent operation and maintenance of the whole life cycle of storage, simplify storage management and improve the operation efficiency of data center.

Integration: one interface can complete the whole life cycle management of storage and simplify the management of multiple devices; the AI model linked on the cloud can be updated in real time and the risk and fault prediction is more accurate

Automation: “planning, construction, operation and maintenance, optimization” storage life cycle management automation, to achieve storage resource utilization, problem closure rate and storage management efficiency

Intelligence: multi dimensional intelligent risk prediction and intelligent optimization to eliminate risks in advance and ensure the smooth operation of production business

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