From dazzling to beacon tower, drumming, post station, carrier pigeon, flag language, the way of human communication has been evolving. With the development and application of video and voice communication technology, flexible and stable conference system has gradually become an indispensable part of business activities. The existing conference forms mainly include teleconference, software terminal conference and hardware video conference. Traditional manufacturers lack the ability to integrate the three and can not meet the needs of customers. Huawei’s integrated communication solution can integrate the three, create efficient communication without boundary, create value for customers, and also enable partners to improve performance with more competitive products.

Huawei integrated communication solution creates efficient communication without boundary

Teleconference and soft terminal emphasize personal communication ability and diversification of communication business, while video conference emphasizes multi-party audio and video conference and pays more attention to conference experience. The driving force of converged communication mainly comes from customers’ needs. A typical scenario is that IP phones and software terminals need to be directly put into the conference hall in the process of video conference. In addition, the benefits of the integration are that they can make up for the differences in their respective capabilities, such as the lack of IM message capability in video conferencing, the video effect and video processing capability of software terminals are not as good as hardware video conferencing. Finally, in the long run, the advantages of integration represent resource saving and cost saving.

Huawei’s integrated communication solution has three advantages: multi scene integration, multi terminal integration and multi service integration, which makes partners win the project better. For example, digital China and Huawei won the Zijin insurance project because of the advantages of the integrated communication solution, which can make use of the old conference system and integrate into Zijin’s OA office system, so that every employee can understand the meeting information in time and improve the meeting efficiency.

1. Multi scene fusion

“Everywhere” is perhaps the biggest change brought about by converged communication, which means that people can communicate and cooperate anytime and anywhere, no matter in the office, meeting room, on the way to business, at home, or at the customer site, whether internal staff or external customers. Users can easily access the conference at any time, any place, through a variety of ways.

2. Multi terminal convergence

Huawei integrated communication system covers three parts: h-based. 323 / MCU hardware video conference system, telephone conference system based on analog phone and IP phone, and Espace software terminal based on SIP / HTTP. It provides conference terminals suitable for different groups of people and different scenes, from enterprise managers to ordinary employees, from conference room to office desktop to pocket, multiple terminals access to integrated conference at the same time, realizing the integration of conference room terminal, computer soft client, desktop IP phone, mobile phone client and other multiple terminals, providing mobile, integrated video, cloud cooperation integrated communication solutions.

3. Multi service convergence

Combined with the business process of the enterprise, the traditional conference mode is upgraded to “collaborative conference”. On the basis of voice conference and video conference, screen sharing, asynchronous browsing of documents, electronic whiteboard, questionnaire survey and other functions are provided. Voice, video, data, instant messaging, business flow and other technologies are integrated to break through the time and geographical restrictions, Communicate in the most convenient way anytime and anywhere, so that communication tends to be diversified, more interactive, and more efficient. It is suitable for all kinds of meetings and training scenarios.

Huawei converged conference solution has the characteristics of excellent video and audio experience and low bandwidth occupation. It realizes the integration of voice, data, smart true, HD and SD multimedia, as well as the integration of fixed, mobile, broadband and narrowband access modes. It is mainly used to meet the integrated communication application scenarios and customer needs, To provide users with real-time video, audio and data interaction, remote communication and cooperation on a variety of communication devices to create efficient communication. With the advantages of integrated communication solutions, Huawei partners can better meet customer needs with differentiated competitive advantages.

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