In May 25th, HUAWEI will hold the conference on Hong Meng operating system in June 2nd, with its WeChat official account and micro-blog Shangguan Xuan. On Huawei’s official microblog, the startup video of Hongmeng’s mobile phone operating system was displayed, and it said that “Hongmeng” is ambitious and can kill thousands of miles with one stone. Accept the love of “Meng” and live up to expectations.

It is reported that the press conference will officially announce the Hongmeng operating system that can cover mobile phones and other mobile terminals. This is also after the first announcement of Hongmeng operating system in 2019, the system is officially equipped with smart phones.

In May, Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, disclosed that Huawei will comprehensively upgrade the system in 2021. It is estimated that by the end of this year, at least 300 million devices will be equipped with Hongmeng system, of which 200 million are Huawei’s own devices, and the partner’s equipment is expected to exceed 100 million. As Huawei defined, it will take Hongmeng system as the fulcrum to lead the new era of Internet of things.


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