In the panel field, Chinese companies have occupied half of the LCD market, and OLED panels are catching up with Samsung, LG and other companies. However, in terms of driver IC, the domestic share is less than 1%. Fortunately, Huawei has also entered the research and development of OLED driver chip, and has completed the streaming.

The driver IC chip is equivalent to the main control of the panel, which can control the display, image quality, energy saving and other key indicators of the panel.

Huawei Hisilicon's self-developed OLED driver chip has been completely beautified

Before that, Samsung, LG and other companies cut off the supply of Huawei panel, and the reason is also related to the driver IC. The United States does not master the core technology of the panel, but the driver IC uses arm architecture, which is limited by the technology of the United States.

In the OLED driver chip market, South Korean companies almost monopolize the global market share. The top three companies are South Korean companies. Samsung alone accounts for 75% of the market share (after all, Samsung is the largest OLED company). Magnachip accounts for 20%, while domestic manufacturers only account for 1%.

In the face of this situation, many domestic driver IC enterprises have strengthened self-research, and Huawei Hisilicon has also joined the battlefield. Earlier, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer business, issued the notice on the establishment of display driver products in the terminal chip business department, officially self-developed display driver products.

It is not difficult for Huawei to drive IC products. It is reported that Huawei’s display driver chip has been streamed and will be mass produced this year. It is expected to be used in Huawei’s own mobile phones and large screen products.

In addition, the mainstream technology of display driver IC is 65nm and 40nm, and the highest technology is 28nm. These technologies have been mass produced in domestic factories. According to the analysis of securities companies, Huawei can completely beautify this kind of chip and get rid of its dependence on foreign chips.

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