Recently, Jihu Automobile Co., Ltd. and Huawei held the “launch conference of Jihu alpha s · Hi” in Beijing, and Jihu alpha s · hi was officially launched. Liu Yu, deputy general manager of BAIC group and chairman of BAIC new energy, Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG, CEO of intelligent vehicle solutions Bu, and others jointly witnessed the scene.

Huawei hi (Huawei inside) mode provides full stack intelligent vehicle solutions for Jihu automobile

The extreme fox alpha s · hi version is the crystallization of the combination of BAIC new energy three power technology, platform technology, vehicle manufacturing capacity and Huawei ICT technology.

Liu Yu, deputy general manager of BAIC group and chairman of BAIC new energy, said: “the alpha s · hi version of Jihu is a product with benchmarking significance and a symbol of BAIC new energy’s intelligent transformation.”

Managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG Mr. yuchengdong, CEO of intelligent automobile solutions Bu, said: “the alpha s · hi version of Jihu is equipped with Huawei hi full stack intelligent automobile solutions, and today officially starts the journey of mass production. Facing the future, Huawei will further deepen cooperation with Jihu automobile, apply the latest intelligent automobile technology to the new models of Jihu, open the long-term accumulated capabilities of Huawei’s terminal business, and deeply empower Jihu. We will fully support the success of Jihu.”

As a supplier of incremental components for intelligent vehicles, Huawei has cooperated with Jihu in depth in the hi (Huawei inside) mode to build high-quality intelligent vehicles and help the automotive industry transform to intelligence.

The hi version is modified from the basic version of extreme fox alpha s, equipped with Huawei high-voltage electric platform, Hongmeng intelligent cockpit and advanced intelligent driving assistance system. Huawei has endowed the alpha s · hi version with new intelligent technology, making it reborn and experience excellence.

For vehicles equipped with Huawei driveone high-voltage electric platform, it takes only 3.5 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers

In the field of intelligent electric, the hi version is equipped with Huawei driveone dual motor intelligent four-wheel drive system. It only takes 3.5 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers. In low-speed, high-speed, turning and other driving scenes, the 4WD system can intelligently distribute power according to the scene, give consideration to the handling and endurance ability, and bring the best driving experience.

The hi version is equipped with Huawei AI high-voltage flash charging electric platform. It only takes 15 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%. Through the full scene charging mode, it supports household AC charging piles and common DC fast charging piles between 200V and 1000V.

Smart cockpit based on harmonyos, enjoying the intelligent travel space of interconnected everything

In the field of intelligent cockpit, the hi version of intelligent cockpit is equipped with high-performance Kirin car and machine modules, runs the harmoniyos car and machine operating system, and has built core capabilities such as voice control, visual perception, on-board payment and seamless flow for on-board scenes. It is deeply integrated with applications to build a smart travel space, bringing a new cockpit experience of thousands of people and thousands of faces, interconnection of everything, intelligent interaction and sustainable growth.

Create a full scene intelligent driving experience for complex road conditions in China

Huawei advanced intelligent driving assistance system ads, as a mass-produced advanced intelligent driving assistance system, has built a full stack solution with algorithm as the core, equipped with powerful hardware capabilities, including 3 laser radars, 6 millimeter wave radars, 13 cameras and ultrasonic radars, and a total of 34 sensors, realizing 360 degree full coverage fusion sensing capability; And MDC 810 intelligent driving computing platform.

Huawei ads will realize large-scale commercial use for the first time on the alpha s · hi version of extreme fox. Its technology and experience are unique. The continuous intelligent driving assistance capability in high-speed, urban and parking scenarios will bring you the ultimate driving experience of safety, intelligence and pleasure.

The launch of extreme fox alpha s · hi marks the landing application and mass production of hi full stack intelligent automobile solutions. In the future, based on the strategic decision of intelligent development, Jihu automobile will continue to break through the boundaries of products and industries and lead the technological innovation of intelligent vehicles.

The new car is divided into advanced version and advanced version. The price of advanced version is 397900 yuan and the price of advanced version is 429900 yuan. In order to let consumers better experience the charm of this benchmark product, Jihu automobile has tailored a wealth of user rights and interests policies for it. At the launch conference, Dai Kangwei, general manager of BAIC bjev, announced the rights and interests of “seed users” and “subscription within a limited time”. Users who subscribe before June 30 can enjoy multiple privileges.

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