Recently, rain, a leading mobile data network operator in South Africa, and Huawei officially announced the commercialization of Africa’s first 5g SA (independent Networking) fully integrated core network. The core network adopts the world’s first 5g fully integrated version, provides 4G / 5G wireless network users and fixed wireless broadband access (FWA) users with the world’s leading network service quality, and lays the foundation for the business innovation of qianhang Baiye in South Africa.

Huawei helps South African rain complete the commercial application of 5g SA fully integrated core network of African song

Rain is the first commercial 5g network Telecom Operator in Africa, with the world’s top 3 5g FWA users. Since the release of 5g network in November 2019, rain has always been aiming to create the best user experience and continues to cultivate deeply on 5g network. After the promulgation of the “home order” during the epidemic this year, the use of remote video office, online education and other services has increased sharply. The stateless design of Huawei 5g fully integrated core network adopted by rain based on the native cloud architecture provides ultra-high reliability guarantee and effectively supports the development of remote office and distance education services.

In fact, one network incorporates 4G, 5g NSA and 5g SA full services, unified intelligent and automatic operation and maintenance management, and adopts the integrated billing interface scheme to integrate the past two billing systems, which greatly saves the operation and maintenance cost. At the same time, its unified service interface is compatible with the interfaces of surrounding traditional network elements, which can realize the smooth evolution of traditional network elements to 5g core network. In the future, it will complete the evolution to the target architecture of multi control plane and multi-user plane full mesh integrated core network. Using the leading micro service architecture and dev Ops Mode, support the rapid launch of new services, accelerate the transformation of experience management, and provide 5g users with diversified business experience.

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