Huawei’s second-generation folding screen mobile phone mate XS has been officially put on sale recently. However, it has been put on the shelves for several days on various platforms. On the one hand, many “pollens” are hard to find. On the other hand, the price of yellow cattle in the second-hand market has soared to about 30000 yuan.

On March 10, a reporter from Securities Daily landed in Huawei’s official flagship stores on Jingdong, tmall and Suning online platforms and found that Huawei mate XS had been sold out after the recent three rounds of loading.

Subsequently, the reporter landed on idle fish and other platforms and found a lot of information about high price purchase and transfer of Huawei mate XS by cattle. The price of yellow cattle is generally around 30000 yuan, even close to 40000 yuan, nearly double the official price of 16999 yuan. Many electronic product enthusiasts also jokingly call it “the best digital financial products” in 2020.

Huawei folding screen mobile phone price speculation in recent three rounds after the goods have been sold out

“I’m a fan of electronic products, especially mobile phones. I’ve been focusing on folding screen phones since Huawei launched it in February last year.” Zhang Ming (not his real name), a consumer who offered a premium of 5000 yuan on idle fish to buy Huawei mate XS, told the Securities Daily, but he estimated that the current export price of cattle should be around 26000 yuan.

Zhang Ming said that he hoped to “taste” Huawei mate XS for the first time. However, “scalpers use the software plug-in to empty the phone and then sell it at a high price to get a high return.”.

“I think Huawei should crack down on plug-in software and let people who really want to use this mobile phone to rush to buy it.” He said.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei mate XS opened the appointment at about 10:00 on February 26. As of the evening of March 4, the total number of matexs reserved in Huawei mall, Jingdong and tmall exceeded one million, of which the number of reservation in Huawei mall exceeded 640000, and that of Jingdong and tmall exceeded 300000 and 180000 respectively.

However, as of the evening of March 10, although it had been on sale for several days, tmall, one of the three major sales platforms, showed that Huawei’s mate XS sold only 191 units a month. The disparity between the number of appointments and the sales volume also makes many consumers guess that Huawei is “hungry marketing”.

“Generally speaking, Huawei mate XS is out of stock or a supply chain problem. Its hinge design is very complicated and the yield rate is very low. We estimate that the good rate may be less than 30%, which is still a relatively optimistic estimate. The quality of the hinge will directly affect the quality of the whole fuselage. If the yield rate is not up, it will directly lead to poor supply Sun Yanbiao, President of the first mobile phone industry research institute, said in an interview with Securities Daily on March 10.

According to previous reports issued by CITIC Securities, the manufacturing process of folding screen mobile phones is more complicated, and accessories such as display modules, structural parts and batteries have increased the overall BOM cost. From the technical point of view, the process of folding screen is more complex than flexible OLED. From the plane screen to the folding screen, the industry chain still faces a series of problems, such as cover material, packaging, hinge, supporting components and cost.

As for why they are eager to launch folding screen mobile phones when the supply can not keep up with the supply, sun Yanbiao thinks: “for Huawei and Samsung, folding screen mobile phones have been ready for a year, and the key reason for their eagerness to go public is that this product actually represents a direction for future handsets. After the breakthrough, they can be at least six to nine months ahead of other manufacturers in this technology. Judging from the current situation, it may be more than nine months ahead of other mobile phone manufacturers. Such a leading position will bring a lot of technical gold content to the brand, and it will promote the technological content of their whole series of products, and even promote the sales of the whole series of products. “

“We estimate that the supply of folding screen phones will be able to come up, and it may eventually be until next year. Because at present, the yield is still a problem that can’t be solved in the short term, “he said at the same time.

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