Driven by AI and 5g technologies, the development of the Internet of things industry is in full swing. Developers have to ride the wind and waves to keep up with the pace of new technologies during the rapid change of technologies.

Xiong Baosong, Huawei cloud MVP, is one of them. He has been in contact with the Internet of things since 2013. The seven-year itch has not separated him from the industry. Instead, he has followed the pace of technology to a new stage.

“I am a developer obsessed with technology”, which is the definition given by Xiong Baosong, Huawei cloud MVP. For him, the era of real interconnection of all things is worth looking forward to.

The commercialization of Nb IOT has contributed to the fate with Huawei cloud

The evolution of the networking pattern is in response to the old saying, “the general trend of the world, Division will be combined for a long time, and integration will be divided for a long time”.

Most of Xiong Baosong’s initial Internet of things projects focus on ZigBee, 433 and other short-range and LAN communication technologies. Because the application layer is mostly private cloud, and each company also has different Internet of things access protocols, it is difficult to form a real sense of interconnection.

Until the last two years, with the entry of industry giants, the development of various basic components in the field of the Internet of things has been gradually enhanced, especially the commercial use of Nb IOT communication technology in 2018, which has raised the industry’s awareness of the Internet of things to a certain level.

NB IOT has outstanding advantages. It has low power consumption, wide signal coverage and a large number of connections. The most important thing is that the cost is low enough. In this way, the “high quality and low price” communication technology has become the first choice for major Internet of things manufacturers, and Huawei has been trying to promote the evolution of Nb standard.

Under such a technological trend, “the traditional private cloud has also begun to gradually move towards the public cloud, and Huawei cloud IOT has also become the preferred platform for our transformation to the public cloud.”

Xiong Baosong said that Huawei cloud IOT is a very powerful platform with massive equipment access, two-way communication between equipment and cloud, OTA upgrade, equipment rules and other capabilities. Moreover, Huawei cloud IOT platform can make cloud development extremely worry free. According to the needs of customers, developers can complete the definition of the model in the form of graphic drag and drop. The end-to-end development only needs to be mapped with the model relationship of the cloud, so it is easy to establish the whole communication pipeline.

Huawei cloud + little bear pie to accelerate the research and development of IOT products

Last year, Xiong Baosong and his team jointly developed a high-performance Internet of things development board Xiaoxiong IOT based on stm32l431rct6, which is dedicated to providing developers with evaluation and rapid design of relevant Internet of things application products.

Huawei cloud + little bear school, strong alliance, accelerate the research and development of IOT products

As a veteran of the Internet of things industry for many years, Xiong Baosong has a lot of feelings. “At this stage, the voice we hear most is the difficulty of transforming traditional enterprises into Internet of things enterprises.”

He further explained that the development of Internet of things products will involve a wide range of fields. Traditional enterprises need not only the ability of product end-to-end R & D, but also technologies such as communication, cloud and application development. For enterprises, it not only needs R & D investment in the field of Internet of things, but also needs to bear a certain time risk, which becomes extremely uncontrollable.

Moreover, the current Internet of things industry attaches great importance to the word “fast”. The product competition in this field is fierce and the iteration cycle of equipment renewal is short. If we can not quickly produce results with low-cost investment in a short time, it is difficult to deal with the changes of the market.

In this regard, Xiong Baosong believes that “R & D investment is inevitable, and R & D achievements also need to be reused as much as possible.” therefore, he and the team reached an internal consensus: develop a stable industry solution framework, which can quickly connect various industries.

Based on this idea, Xiong Baosong pushed the whole scheme into an open source version and delivered the results to the industry in combination with the “little bear IOT” development kit, which has been highly praised by many companies and applied in practical cases.

According to the official introduction, Xiaoxiong’s one-stop development tool can greatly reduce the traditional development time of at least 90 days to less than 1 day, and reduce the workload and development cycle for the developer’s product prototype development.

At present, Xiaoxiong IOT and Huawei cloud have cooperated to establish a complete set of application case demo, which can enable more enterprises and developers to quickly realize the model verification and development of IOT products. Huawei cloud community has also opened up a series of “little bear IOT development board tutorials”. The courses include fundamentals of single chip microcomputer and liteos operating system, covering from basic to advanced design, which can adapt to IOT developers with different foundations.

Referring to the cooperation with Huawei cloud, Xiong Baosong also said, “we look forward to further cooperation with Huawei cloud IOT to jointly create more Internet of things application cases. Open source and open on the platform of little bear school to serve more users and developers.”


Xiong Baosong stressed, “the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the same is true in the field of technology. In addition to mastering the basic knowledge, young developers also need to know more about the development of new technologies in some industries. With the continuous evolution of technology, the traditional framework structure will be gradually replaced by new technologies.”

If you don’t advance, you will retreat. The era of interconnection of all things is coming. There are many opportunities for young developers. It depends on who can grasp it and create the next unicorn.

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