With the advancement of the construction of new smart cities across the country

The concept of building a smart city

The technology path is also constantly upgrading

This year, under the traction of the main line of high-quality development

Every city is trying to find

Its own characteristics in the context of the new smart city

This year, HUAWEI CLOUD launched

“One cloud for the city” has become the preferred solution for government affairs to go to the cloud

This year, HUAWEI CLOUD provided digital transformation services for 600+ cities

and clear

“Long-termism – building continuous evolution, speed and warmth”

The service concept of the new smart city

Wuhan Cloud, Xiangyang Cloud, Changsha Cloud…

More and more cities are building an exclusive customized “one cloud”

Continue to strengthen the city’s hard power in the direction of good governance, benefiting the people, and promoting business

Constantly upgrade the resistance to uncontrollable factors

The gentle force of serving the people and the affinity to interact with the people…

Let’s see together

Those pioneering cloud explorers in HUAWEI Cloud City Moments

With long-termism, we are committed to building a new type of smart city that continues to evolve.

Huawei has built more than 600 projects across the country, and a total of 150 municipalities, provincial capitals, prefecture-level cities and districts and counties have chosen Huawei to set up government cloud bases.

In 2021, in the “2020 Government Cloud Infrastructure Market Research Report” released by IDC, HUAWEI CLOUD has the largest market share, once again positively consolidating the strength and influence of Huawei Cloud No.1 in the government cloud market. At the same time, IDC “China In the “Government Big Data Management Platform Vendor Evaluation, 2021” report, the government service data sharing platform jointly built by Huawei’s government cloud platform also ranks as the industry leader.

Up to now, HUAWEI CLOUD has ranked first in the government cloud market share for four consecutive years. In the field of smart cities, in 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD and city partners have won 58 awards.

At present, the cloud-native “One Cloud for the City” solution launched by HUAWEI CLOUD has been implemented in 35+ cities across the country, and has fully blossomed in pan-government fields such as industrial interconnection, energy, medical care, transportation, education, and cultural tourism, accelerating urban innovation. qualitative change.

At the same time, by carrying out school-enterprise cooperation, training and service presentations with various cities, it provides full-stack operation services for many cities, and the two parties jointly build the black land of “one city and one cloud”.

HUAWEI CLOUD: Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the city partners

“Wuhan Cloud” was officially launched in September 2021, and as the city’s digital cloud platform, it once again set the “Wuhan Speed”. In just a few months, from scanning the health code, to grabbing consumer coupons, from resident provident fund processing, to the online issuance of tens of millions of subsidy coupons for enterprises, and then from the protection of the Yangtze River to the construction of the Wuhan Urban Circle Information Expressway… Wuhan Cloud has provided The city’s 14 million residents provided essential services.

At present, Wuhan Cloud has 24 cloud units and more than 166 application systems. In addition, the big data centers in Jiang’an District, Hongshan District and Wuchang District, and the network security base have completed the management work, including the resource management of 100+ application systems in 21 commissions, offices and bureaus. At the same time, relying on Wuhan Cloud, Wuhan has also established the Wuhan Digital Economy Industry Innovation Consortium and the Digital Economy Headquarters Area.

HUAWEI CLOUD: The first “City Cloud” in the country once again witnesses “Wuhan Speed”

In 2021, Changsha’s “Government One Cloud” will be upgraded to “Cloud Native & Urban One Cloud”. The “My Changsha” APP registered 300,000 new users in a single day in the digital RMB red envelope activity held in Changsha, and the number of participants reached 300,000. Through cloud-native agile and elastic capabilities, Changsha ensures smooth development of activities and high-quality user experience, shortens the deployment period of online applications from 2 months to 1 week, and improves deployment efficiency by nearly 10 times. Under the pressure of 100 times traffic peaks To achieve continuous and smooth operation of the system.

HUAWEI CLOUD: Upgrading a cloud-native cloud to keep the red envelopes raining

In November 2020, Changchun City and Huawei signed a cooperation agreement on a series of major projects such as jointly building a digital economy sample in Northeast Asia. Centering on the “city cloud” architecture, Changchun City pioneered “business-driven data collaboration” and “data-driven business”. Based on the two-wheel drive concept of “innovation”, the basic resources of “cloud, network, data, intelligence and security” have been coordinated and constructed, and 15 comprehensive scene applications have been constructed. Promote the “running at most once” within the agency, and comprehensively promote the Zhengchangtong government affairs collaborative office platform, with about 6,300 registered users, covering 115 departments at the city level; the policy is “online cashing, one-click direct access”, 105 policies that benefit enterprises are concentrated Announcement, the reporting time has been shortened from “days” to “minutes”, and the data is “accessible when there is demand”. More than 1,800 data items from 58 departments in the city have been opened, and the total amount of connected data is 1.4 billion, promoting a comprehensive and all-round development in Changchun. The digital transformation of cities has greatly improved the level of urban intelligence and people’s sense of gain.

HUAWEI CLOUD: Data is “accessible when there is demand”, and the public gets a sense of up, up, up

Lu’an Smart City takes scene-based application as the starting point and the principle of urgent use first to realize the three-in-one function of “seeing”, “thinking” and “moving”. Integrate more than 1.1 billion pieces of data and more than 3,600 thematic indicators on the city cloud platform to realize one-screen visualization of the city’s operation status; develop “four links and one reach”: China Merchants Link, Cultural Tourism Link, Environmental Affairs Link, Government Affairs Link, Urban Link Shida has 5 application systems and 20 scenario-based solution applications to realize instruction issuance, closed-loop problems, and solve practical problems of business departments. Urban governance aims to improve the level of scientific and intelligent management of the city, and builds the nerve center of the city. At present, the application has been launched in 14 key areas in Lu’an City, and will be further promoted in the future.

HUAWEI CLOUD: AI enables refined governance and makes urban environments better

The cooperation between Langfang and Huawei has been upgraded again: with system construction as the guide, smart applications as the means, to build an intelligent city management center, and build a new platform for intelligent management – Langfang Development Zone Smart City Operation Center, the city operation center is based on Langfang’s “City One Flower” Cloud”, using HUAWEI CLOUD ROMA, through the establishment of a “one network unified management” business system, the data of 27 departments in the region and the events of 9 channels are unified and integrated, and the efficiency of urban event processing is improved by 60%, effectively eliminating the need for urban management. Blind spots have greatly improved the efficiency of urban governance. In Huimin, the launch of Rong E Office, Suipai applet, WiFi data system and other smart applications for people’s livelihood have effectively improved citizens’ sense of gain, security and happiness. In the “Asia-Pacific Most Influential Smart City Selection” hosted by the State Information Center and International Data Group, Langfang Development has won the “Asia-Pacific Smart City Award” for two consecutive years.

HUAWEI CLOUD: Institutional construction as a guide, application enabling intelligence to “benefit” people’s livelihood

From the solid layout of “Government Cloud”, to “One Cloud in the City”, and then to “Urban Intelligent Body”, Xiangyang has made a magnificent transformation through “number”. Up to now, HUAWEI CLOUD has carried the government affairs data of more than 80 municipal departments and more than 330 business systems in Xiangyang, promoting the construction of Xiangyang’s digital government to be at the forefront and create a first-class.

Relying on the HUAWEI CLOUD platform, Xiangyang vigorously promotes the reform of regional unified evaluation of investment projects for construction approval. Open up the data of 8 departments including environmental protection, cultural protection, geology, mining, and meteorology, and make unified assessments, “change the company’s errands and approvals to serve the government in advance, change the company’s self-paid funds to the government’s initiative to pay, and change the enterprise’s individual evaluation to the government’s unified evaluation”, effectively reducing Project implementation time limit.

At the same time, Xiangyang has accelerated the construction of the big data comprehensive tax management application system to realize the tax management by “number”. Up to now, the application system has accumulated feedback of nearly 20 million yuan in taxes.

HUAWEI CLOUD: Data-enabled business is efficient, and “Xiang Shi Sui Shen” has a strong driving force for coordinated development

Blockchain technology creates an “undocumented city”. In 2020, Wangcheng launched the construction of a new smart city project, and took the lead in launching the smart Wangcheng Kunpeng cloud platform. In 2021, Wangcheng’s new smart city based on Kunpeng won the “2021 China Leading Smart City Award” by the China Hi-Tech Fair.

Up to now, the Kunpeng cloud platform has enabled more than 40 business systems of various commissions, offices and bureaus in the region to be connected to the cloud. Among them, the “Unlicensed City” project in Wangcheng District uses the “trustworthy, traceable, and tamper-proof” technical characteristics of Huawei Cloud blockchain technology. , call the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Department of Assets and Regulations and other departments more than 10 electronic licenses, to achieve the district’s government services, public management, social governance and other fields of license materials “submission-free, paperless, clear certificate office” , 21 items have been unlicensed and 105 items have been reduced.

Now, the masses can do things through face-swiping authorization without carrying physical certificates; in terms of handling certification materials, the system automatically generates electronic signatures, and the masses do not need to submit paper certification materials.

HUAWEI CLOUD: Blockchain technology creates an “unlicensed city”, and “face brushing” is efficient

As an operation-led Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, HUAWEI CLOUD Service Jiangsu Data Center continues to invest in Yancheng’s “urban cockpit” to help the Yancheng government seize opportunities for digital transformation, stimulate new momentum for digital development, and build a good ecosystem for digital applications. It provides strong support for the construction of “Four New Yancheng”. In terms of resource operation, Yancheng has built a municipal-level government cloud platform based on a unified cloud service system and standards in accordance with the “one cloud for the whole city” architecture. Up to now, more than 90% of the business systems of 50+ commissions, offices and bureaus have been migrated to the cloud, and cloud resources have been utilized. The rate increased by 35%, and the annual government self-construction and maintenance cost was reduced by about 20 million; in terms of platform operation, an operation support platform was built to provide cloud-native and AI services for urban applications, and business development efficiency was increased by 25%; The built “urban cockpit” gathers data such as urban governance, economic development, and people’s livelihood services, and realizes “viewing the whole city on a large screen, knowing everything on a medium screen, and traveling with a small screen”.

HUAWEI CLOUD: “City Cockpit” takes the lead, and “Four New Yancheng” is within reach

Cangzhou innovates the smart city construction model, and intensively builds the city’s “ten one” information of “one cloud, one network, one number, one security, one map, one platform, one account, one card, one APP, and one grid” Infrastructure, build the “four beams and eight pillars” of the digital Cangzhou smart city.

Based on the Cangzhou Cloud Computing Center, Cangzhou has built a unified government cloud platform for the city. At present, 110 information systems in 52 departments have been deployed to the cloud, and the migration rate of existing systems to the cloud has reached 80%. The improvement and sharing of new infrastructure has effectively reduced the cost of informatization construction. Taking the construction project of “One Web Service” as an example, relying on the new infrastructure, the construction capital was reduced from more than 90 million yuan to 5 million yuan, saving more than 85 million yuan of financial funds.

Cangzhou has achieved remarkable results in the digital transformation of the city. In terms of smart people’s livelihood, projects such as the smart education system, the real-name employment platform, and the “one-code (card) all-in-one” program highlight Cangzhou’s services.

HUAWEI CLOUD: Urban public governance is stronger, and “safe Cangzhou” is accelerating

In April 2021, Smart Luyang version 2.0 was upgraded and launched, and the basic framework of Smart Luyang government affairs management platform, service platform for enterprises, and service platform for the people has been completed so far. In the direction of urban governance, the Smart Luyang 2.0 platform transfers street business from offline to online, and truly realizes social governance that “people walk in the network and things are done in the grid”.

The “intelligent center” enables the government affairs data of various departments to be opened up. So far, more than 4.9 million pieces of various government affairs data have been collected in the whole district. More than 870,000 pieces of population data, nearly 320,000 pieces of housing data and other important node data in the region are linked to the above figure, providing fast, stable and reliable data support for Smart Luyang to develop various intelligent applications.

In response to the pain points such as unclear community grid division, unclear responsibilities of grid members, and difficulty in grassroots governance, Luyang District has improved the “street” grid management system by building a district-town (street)-village (residential) three-level grid management system. The three-level linkage disposal mechanism of whistle blowing and department reporting, explores the formation of a whole-process closed-loop management of grassroots management from incident reporting, scheduling and disposal, to feedback evaluation and performance appraisal.

HUAWEI CLOUD: The intelligent center empowers refined management and builds a new pattern of “one core, one location and one center”

clear way

better for the future

Urban intelligence is the best way to build a “new smart city”

Building urban intelligence

Realize the city’s all-scenario intelligence

Laying the foundation is the key

One cloud for government affairs, one cloud for city

Laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of new smart cities

a new Year

More cities will be added to the one-city-one-cloud array

Work together to explore better paths for modern governance

The story of HUAWEI CLOUD and city friends continues

Deeply rooted in every city you pass by

The sea of ​​stars in the new smart city

Together we will

chasing the waves

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