The 2021 Global Digital Energy Summit organized by Huawei Digital Energy was successfully held in Dubai, UAE. Climate change affects the survival of human beings, and the goal of “carbon neutrality” is closely related to everyone. The theme of this summit is “Building a Low-Carbon Smart Society Together”. More than 600 experts from 67 countries gathered together to discuss the realization path of “carbon neutrality” and energy digitalization, and share green and low-carbon practical experience.

Yang Yougui, senior vice president of Huawei and president of the Global Marketing and Sales Service Department of Huawei Digital Energy, said in the keynote speech: “‘Carbon neutrality’ has become a global consensus and mission. Low carbonization, electrification, and intelligence are the key to achieving ‘carbon neutrality’. The three key elements. Huawei Digital Energy will be committed to integrating digital technology and power electronics technology, developing clean energy and energy digitalization, promoting the energy revolution, and building a green and beautiful future.”

As of now, 137 countries around the world have committed to the goal of “carbon neutrality”. This will be an unprecedented large-scale global cooperative action, and it will also lead to extensive investment opportunities in the fields of renewable energy and green infrastructure. At the meeting, heads of relevant government departments, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from clean energy, data center and site energy shared policy interpretations, trend insights, future technologies and challenges, and possible business models in their respective fields.

Yang Yougui pointed out that Huawei Digital Energy will give full play to its advantages in the two fields of digital technology and power electronics technology, realize the integration and innovation of watt technology, thermal technology, energy storage technology, cloud and AI technology, and focus on clean power generation and energy digitalization , Transportation electrification, green ICT infrastructure, integrated smart energy and other fields, join hands with industry partners to contribute to the early realization of the goal of “carbon neutrality”.

Sen. Rocio Adriana Abreu Artiñano, chairman of the Energy Committee of the Mexican Senate, presented Mexico’s energy development strategy and provided ideas for the world’s energy transition.

Data centers provide strong support for the development of the digital economy. Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Global Senior Vice President and CTO of Huawei Digital Energy, introduced Huawei’s “green, smart, minimalist, and secure” low-carbon data center solutions, which provide powerful green computing power for the digital world. power base.

Improving energy efficiency and saving electricity is one of the effective ways to reduce carbon. Mr. Mohammad Saeed Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Data Hub Integrated Solutions LLC (MORO), delivered a keynote speech on “Building a Green and Low-Carbon Data Center” and shared his energy-saving practices.

Clean energy such as solar energy and wind energy will become the main energy source in the future, but the intermittency of new energy is one of the important problems that need to be solved urgently. Hariram Subramani, CTO of Huawei Smart Photovoltaics, introduced Huawei’s smart solar storage solution, which will greatly help build a new power system based on new energy and accelerate carbon neutrality.

Mr. Manish Singhal, Director of Solar PV at ACWA Power, shared low-carbon projects and digital practices, providing a model for the realization of low-carbon paths.

In the field of communication sites, MR. Michel FRAISSE, Vice President and CTO of Huawei Digital Energy Europe, proposed a green site solution, which will help operators realize OPEX with 5G without energy.

The Middle East has always been a pioneer in the construction of low-carbon ICT infrastructure. Du Jasem AI Marzooqi, a telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates, shared the practice of low-carbon ICT infrastructure network.

Prof Rabih Bashroush, Global Director of IT Infrastructure Consulting at Uptime Institute, delivered a keynote speech on “Sustainable Development of Digital Infrastructure”, providing new ideas on how to improve the sustainability of digital infrastructure and reduce carbon emissions.

In order to stimulate more sparks of wisdom, the conference set up a round table discussion session. Echelon CTO Mr. Simon McCormick, Uptime Institute IT Infrastructure Consulting Global Director Prof Rabih Bashroush, RED Middle East Regional Director Mr. Jim Campbell, Huawei Digital Energy Global Senior Vice President and CTO Sanjay Kumar Sainani discussed how to build a future low-carbon green data center discuss;

Mr. Amit Beriya, Director of Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy of ACWA Power, Eunice CTO Mr. George Pechlivanoglou, Chairman of EnerConnex Chile and Chairman of Chilean Energy and Environment Women Leaders Council Ms. Ana Lia Rojas, Director of Strategic Planning of Mozambique Energy Fund Mr. Edson Uamusse And Mr. Hariram Subramanian, CTO of Huawei Smart Photovoltaics, had an in-depth discussion on how to accelerate the transformation of green energy.

At the meeting, Grupo IMELSA and HYBRICO Energy, well-known energy companies from Latin America, signed MOU agreements with Huawei Digital Energy respectively to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of clean energy and green ICT infrastructure. At the same time, it is notable that Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Electric Power Construction Third Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully signed the Saudi Red Sea New City Energy Storage Project. The two parties will work together to help Saudi Arabia build a global center of clean energy and green economy. The contracted project has an energy storage capacity of 1300MWh, which is by far the world’s largest energy storage project and the world’s largest off-grid energy storage project, with global strategic significance and benchmarking effect.

The realization of carbon neutrality requires the cooperation and joint efforts of all mankind, as well as international cooperation and exchanges. At the meeting, entrepreneurs and experts from energy-related fields jointly launched the carbon neutral initiative. Liu Fangjiang, deputy general manager of Shandong Power Construction Third Company and president of Dubai Headquarters of Shandong Power Construction Third Company, Zain Kuwait CEO Eaman Al Roudhan, chairman of the Energy Committee of the Mexican Senate Sen. Rocio Adriana Abreu Artinaño, member of the board of directors, Managing Director Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, Echelon CTO Simon McCormick, and Huawei Senior Vice President Yang Yougui jointly proposed: actively innovate, increase the research and development and application of cutting-edge, creative green and low-carbon technologies; actively practice The concept of green development seeks the well-being of mankind; actively builds an open and win-win ecosystem, and joins hands with global customers and partners to achieve collaboration and win-win across value chains and ecosystems.

As a wonderful curtain call ceremony for the 2021 Global Digital Energy Summit, Huawei Digital Energy passionately lit up the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, shining in the night sky and attracting the attention of all. It calls on the international community and like-minded partners to work together to achieve “carbon neutrality” Great mission and actions to promote the energy revolution and build a green and beautiful future together.

Original title: To build a green and beautiful future, the Global Digital Energy Summit was successfully held

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