According to Tim Cook, CEO of apple, augmented reality is a great idea, foreign media reported. The Cupertino based technology giant has begun to develop its upcoming ar smart glasses, but it is clear that apple is not the only company that has made a big bet on AR smart glasses. Samsung recently applied for a patent to show the appearance of its future ar smart glasses. In fact, in addition to apple and Samsung, another big company has shown interest in releasing smart glasses. It is Huawei, a Chinese technology giant.

China’s State Intellectual Property Office recently approved Huawei’s patent for AR smart glasses. The patented smart glass includes a lens body, a camera component, a telescopic component, a rotating component and a control system.

The most interesting part of the patent smart glass is its camera. The device uses a pop-up camera, which has the same function as the pop-up camera of a smartphone. The camera used in the patented device can also rotate, and the best part is that it can be controlled by an application. Users can easily turn off the camera through the app when they feel they don’t need to use it.

However, as this is a patent, Huawei’s ar smart glass patent may never bring this amazing technology to the market. So at least before Huawei officially announced, we should not rush.
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