In recent years, information technologies such as Internet, Internet of things and big data have been integrated with medical treatment, and the hospital information construction has entered a new stage. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of hospital information construction ability with electronic medical record as the core, the construction of smart hospital has become an inevitable trend.

Recently, Huawei and senyi intelligence jointly released the big data center solution of intelligent hospital at the 2019 Huawei China ecological partnership conference.

It is reported that based on the software and hardware architecture of Huawei, combined with the complete solution of senyi intelligent smart hospital, the scheme constructs intelligent applications for diagnosis and treatment, scientific research and management scenarios in the way of data integration, so as to help the hospital comprehensively improve the quality of medical service, clinical scientific research strength and management efficiency.

It is understood that in this joint solution, senyi intelligence, as a complete solution provider of smart hospital, takes core technologies such as medical natural language processing, data governance and data mining as the driving engine to intelligently solve the problem of structuring and standardizing massive medical data in the hospital. Mining the core value of data to realize the real “clear, clear and practical” of medical data.

As a provider of software and hardware such as big data platform, cloud management platform, server, storage, network equipment and cloud operating system, Huawei enables the joint solution to enhance its functions based on Hadoop architecture. Huawei’s system provides massive data storage, query and analysis for hospitals on the premise of fully ensuring security, and helps medical institutions quickly build massive data information processing systems. And promote the intellectualization of scientific research, diagnosis and treatment and management through intelligent clinical research solutions, intelligent auxiliary diagnosis and treatment and clinical lean management solutions, data governance solutions and data integration solutions, so as to comprehensively improve the scientific research strength, diagnosis and treatment quality and management level of the hospital.

Huawei’s intelligent computing, big data processing capability and senyi intelligent algorithm are combined to jointly create a medical big data platform + AI scheme, and promote medical institutions from digitization to intelligence from diagnosis and treatment, scientific research, operation and other business systems. Further promote the development of data-driven artificial intelligence applications for medical research and medical management, accelerate the construction of intelligent medical system, and finally let everyone enjoy efficient and high-quality medical services.

Since medical big data is a valuable resource for the development of smart hospitals, Huawei’s move to build a hospital big data center has aroused widespread concern among hospital managers. In addition, Huawei has just announced its involvement in the medical device industry. Although Huawei claims that it will not enter the field of medical equipment and increases the medical device industry only to develop the smart watch market segment, from the perspective of Huawei’s frequent initiatives, the probability of medical big data is Huawei’s next key launch field.

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