1. Introduction

As we all know, Huawei's 5G technology has been shining in many industries. According to the data released not long ago, the number of 5G base stations built in China has exceeded 700,000. In just over a year, it is far ahead of other countries and regions. It can be said that Huawei has contributed to the construction so quickly. Huawei's 5G base stations are not only cost-effective, but also easy to install. In Ren Zhengfei's words, they are two to three years ahead of other competitors. Because of this, Huawei's 5G has been targeted. Since the beginning, the United States has put Huawei on the so-called restricted list.

The purpose is to force Huawei to surrender by restricting Huawei's use of advanced technologies, equipment and products, but it backfired. Last year, Huawei's 5G business still ranked first in the world, and its mobile phone business surpassed Apple and ranked second in the world, which makes people very angry. What's more, after entering this year, the United States has re-escalated its pressure to completely restrict Huawei's access to American technology, equipment and products, and by restricting semiconductor giants such as TSMC and Samsung, Huawei HiSilicon was also forced to stop because of unmanned foundry.

2. Huawei's 5G takes the first place in the world

As the foundation of Huawei's various business development, HiSilicon will inevitably be hindered if it does not have the latest chip support. Huawei announced its third-quarter financial report some time ago. From the data point of view, the impact of the new US regulations has already appeared. Compared with the same period last year, the total revenue declined by as much as 27%. The biggest reason is that 5G-related business has been seriously affected. In terms of 5G base stations, Ericsson and Nokia are highly sought after by the market, especially Ericsson, which has obtained 119 5G orders , while Huawei is still stuck at 91.

As the world's largest supplier of communication equipment, it was originally thought that Huawei's 5G share would be overtaken by Ericsson, but recently, there is good news for Huawei's 5G, and it still ranks first in the world, according to a report released by market research agency Dell'Oro According to the latest data, in the third quarter of this year, the global market share of 5G communication equipment has undergone great changes. Among them, Ericsson has become a big winner in the market, with a market share of 30.7%, but Huawei still won the first place in the world, with a market share of 32.8%. %, but compared with 43.7% in the second quarter, the decline was as high as 10.9%, and the lost market share was basically divided up by Ericsson and Nokia.

3. Another major European country gives Huawei the green light for 5G

Huawei's lost 5G market is mainly reflected in the European market, such as the United Kingdom's reneging New regulations have been made. From September 2021, new Huawei equipment will be banned in the new 5G network in the UK, and 250 million pounds will be spent to help operators replace Huawei 5G equipment. It seems that the UK has completely rejected Huawei.

Today, as many as eight countries have rejected Huawei's 5G, the United States, Australia, Japan, Poland, Vietnam, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, and Italy, Sweden, France, etc. also intend to reject Huawei. Even so, recently, Huawei's 5G is winning After taking the first place in the world, another major European country gave the green light to Huawei. This country is Germany. Unlike the United Kingdom, on Wednesday, local time, Germany approved a bill allowing Huawei to participate in the construction of 5G networks, but there are certain conditions that must be accepted. Supervise and ensure safety.

4. Conclusion

For Huawei, the new US regulations have indeed affected Huawei's various businesses. If the new regulations continue to restrict Huawei's 5G, then difficulties will always exist. Fortunately, Huawei is prepared and has reserved enough keys since last year. chips, and developed more businesses. For example, Huawei released its first desktop computer not long ago, and released the beta version of the Hongmeng mobile phone system for developers on the 16th. In addition, Huawei is also making efforts in autonomous driving, 5G Internet of Things, etc. Hubble Investment has also made many shots and began to deploy in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

Well, the good news of Huawei's 5G continues. After winning the world's first, another major country in Europe has given the green light. What do you think?
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