Huawei has encountered difficulties, but it has not given up. It is not Huawei’s style to wait for death. Now Huawei focuses on chip design and EDA development. With the main support of domestic lithography machines, Huawei still has great opportunities on chips.

Huawei 3nm process chip confirmation

Huawei’s chip design work is still in progress. The latest chip has been exposed. The 3-nanometer process is named Kirin 9010!

Some people say that what is the use of design? It can’t be made. Apart from wasting resources, it’s a waste of money. To tell the truth, I really disagree.

1. Design first: as I have said before, for the chip industry, design is the first step. If there is no first step design, there will be no subsequent manufacturing process. Just like building a building, no drawings, no one knows what the building will look like. But it is certain that it will not meet the standard. That is the case with chips. Only the early design is optimized, and later as long as it is manufactured according to the standard. It can’t be said that it can be manufactured, but it’s embarrassing that there is no well-designed order. Moreover, whether the manufacturing process meets the standard also needs to be verified by the chip design work;

2. The reserve of talents, technology and experience is crucial: Huawei’s advanced manufacturing process chips are indeed impossible to manufacture, but the more important thing for Huawei is the talents, technology and experience. If these resources are in place, once the domestically controlled manufacturing process catches up, Huawei’s chips can be put into manufacturing at any time, which is better than starting from scratch, Or it’s a lot better to start from the mess.

3. Huawei’s chip development is not only based on advanced manufacturing processes. In the whole supply chain of Huawei, there are many other chip demands that do not need high-end processes. Huawei has explored other ways, which can not only maintain the normal operation of the chip team, but also prepare for the later switching. Huawei’s “spare tire” is the best force to tackle the problem.

EDA is a deep-seated solution

Huawei got stuck on high-end chips, which is not just a manufacturing problem. The United States also played a “drastic” game, that is, it was tough on EDA tool software. EDA is the most basic tool for IC design. Without EDA software, chip design can not be carried out.

At this stage, for Huawei, because the EDA software available is relatively new in version, it will not affect the use for the time being. It can also maintain the normal development and design of the chip, but it still cannot ignore the risks.

After all, EDA software needs to be upgraded iteratively. If the latest EDA software is not available, it will still have a great impact on the future chip design. Now Huawei has begun to deal with this problem.

Among the domestic EDA software, Huada Jiutian has done a better job. However, the undeniable fact is that compared with the three international EDA giants Synopsys, cadence and mentorgraphics, Huada Jiutian is pitifully weak. According to the understanding of many people, Huawei has a good chance to choose to cooperate with Huada Jiutian to strengthen the development of Huada Jiutian.

Judging from the current situation, Huawei’s idea has not been implemented. As for what caused the two companies not to obtain the technology for cooperation, the reason is unknown. After all, the cooperation between commercial enterprises is always full of variables. However, Huawei’s attitude towards changing the backward status of domestic EDA software has not changed. Since it is unable to cooperate with Huada Jiutian, it should look for other potential domestic software companies.

Hubei jiutongfang microelectronics is also a good partner. The two hit it off immediately. Huawei Hubble made a decisive move. Huawei was still responsible for the implementation and testing of EDA software and timely fed back to jiutongfang micro. Jiutongfang micro improved EDA. When it encountered difficulties, both sides resolved them together. In the opinion of the editor, there is still a great success rate in changing the backward status of domestic EDA software.

The reason is also very simple. The key to the software is to have a large number of applications. EDA software needs to be continuously improved in the chip design and implementation. The reason why domestic EDA software is backward is that few enterprises are used. The fewer users, the slower the iteration and upgrading.

Huawei is a big user of EDA software. It has rich experience in EDA software operation and relevant technology accumulation. In addition, it has a large number of design needs to feed back to the EDA software upgrade, which will naturally accelerate the development of EDA software. Therefore, the future Jiutong micro can be a strong competitor in the EDA field!

The lithography machine is the biggest weakness, but there is no solution

Realistically speaking, the lithography machine is the most difficult link and the biggest weakness in the domestic chip industry. In terms of strength, technology accumulation and market ecology, the weakness of the domestic lithography machine is not a little.

It is not terrible to have a problem. The terrible thing is not to face up to the problem. Now people all over the country are paying attention to the problem of domestic lithography machines. Of course, Huawei is also paying attention to it.

Just as Huawei chooses EDA partners, “let’s talk about what you can solve, what breakthroughs are possible in the future, and leave the remaining difficulties to Huawei”. In the case of lithography, Huawei is still the same, helping partners solve lithography problems.

According to the new year’s message of Huawei Hisilicon, while Huawei continues to promote chip design, the new-type lithography machine is also advancing steadily. At present, it has made progress, and there will be a breakthrough in lithography machine or carbon based chip in the next 2-3 years at the fastest.

According to the information obtained recently, Huawei has been accumulating technology in the lithography machine for many years. The previously exposed patents of Huawei’s lithography equipment and lithography system, as well as Huawei’s technology accumulation in photonic chips and carbon based chips, mean that Huawei has made technological breakthroughs in many ways.

A thousand words make one sentence: Huawei, on the chip, will be successful, and the future can be expected
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