Recently, the world’s leading intelligent wearable company, huami Technology (NYSE: HMI), has signed a cooperation agreement with China Track and Field Association, becoming the official partner of China National Track and field team and China Track and field association in the intelligent wearable and smart phone industry. The two sides will make full use of their respective advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation in brand market, R & D innovation and sports big data, and help the development of Chinese track and field sports through the accumulation of huami technology in intelligent hardware R & D and sports health big data.

The cooperation between huami technology and the China Association for agricultural development lasts for five years and will last until 2025. During the cooperation, the two sides will jointly face the two Olympic Games in Tokyo and Paris in 2024, as well as major events such as the 2021 Eugene track and field world championships, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and the 2023 Budapest track and field world championships. In addition, huami technology will also participate in the operation and service of the membership system of China Association for field work in the future.

Hong Chen, vice chairman and Secretary General of China Track and Field Association, said that the official partnership between China Track and field association and huami technology will help promote the scientific concept of sports health to the whole society. The two sides will jointly explore and gradually realize the positive interaction of mass sports, competitive sports and sports industry in track and field events, and jointly help build a sports power and healthy China.

Huami technology and China Track and Field Association officially signed a cooperation agreement, which will help the development of China's track and field sports

As a leading intelligent wearable innovation company in the world, since its establishment in 2013, huami technology has built a complete health and fitness ecosystem, including wearable terminals such as smart bracelet, smart watch and sports headset, as well as treadmill, weight scale, body fat scale, footwear and clothing related to sports and health. Its own brand amazfit smart watch has entered more than 70 countries and regions including the United States, Germany and Japan. As of August 27, 2019, the cumulative global delivery volume of huami technology intelligent devices has exceeded 100 million.

According to the cooperation agreement between the two sides, huami technology enjoys the exclusive rights granted by the China Association of field workers in the fields of smart wear (smart bracelet, smart watch, smart headset, smart glasses) and smart phones. It is reported that the amazfit smart sports watch 3 series and amazfit powerbuses headphones produced by huami technology will become the first batch of “officially recommended smart wearable products of China’s national track and field team”.

At the same time, the two sides also plan to set up a joint laboratory of track and field with the goal of healthy exercise. Based on huami technology intelligent wearable devices, the laboratory will use intelligent algorithm model and big data analysis technology to study the massive data of national track and field team professional athletes and ordinary sports fans, output professional research reports and industry standards, and guide people how to carry out more healthy and effective sports training. These studies can not only help professional sports training, but also better promote the national fitness movement.

Huami technology currently has massive sports and health data and rich experience in big data analysis. According to the data, as of September 30, 2019, its intelligent wearable device has recorded 81.2 trillion steps, 7 billion nights of sleep, 21.1 billion hours of heart rate, 14.89 million ECG data, and nearly 70000 person times of initial screening of atrial fibrillation and suspected atrial fibrillation.

In addition, in terms of core technology and innovation, huami technology also has a good accumulation. In addition to independent research and development, the company also has many channels and strategic partners in the world. In the field of sports and fitness, huami technology has successively acquired the core assets of Zepp, a motion sensor company, and Pei, a physical Enterprises Inc. of adidas Group, maintaining its leading edge in technology and products in this field.

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