Not long ago, huami launched the amazfit Pop Watch. At the price of 349 yuan, it brought functions such as blood oxygen detection, more than 60 exercise modes, APP message reminder, offline payment, bus card, etc. now, huami has launched the amazfit pop Pro watch. In addition to its original functions, it has also upgraded new functions such as independent GPS, Xiaoai classmate, compass, etc.

The amazfit pop Pro watch is equipped with a 1.43 inch clear color display with a resolution of 320 × 302. The pixel density reaches 305ppi. The body is made of polycarbonate and the watch strap is made of silicone rubber. The weight of the whole machine is only 31G. It is very comfortable and light.

In addition to the screen with excellent effect, the amazfit pop Pro watch also provides 50 personalized dials in different styles. It supports manually uploading photos as the background of the dials. It also has a built-in custom modular dial function to adjust the time, weather, heart rate and other information according to the user’s habits.

Amazfit pop Pro watch is equipped with biotracker developed by huami Technology ™ 2ppg high-precision biological tracking optical sensor can monitor heart rate for 24 hours, realize “real-time heart rate monitoring” and “high heart rate warning”, and automatically identify atrial fibrillation and identify cardiac abnormalities.

In addition, its oxygenbeats ™ The blood oxygen engine also supports blood oxygen detection. The success rate is as high as 96%, which is only 1.67% different from the detection results of medical grade oximeter. It can accurately monitor the user’s blood oxygen health level.

In other functions, the amazfit pop Pro watch supports NFC, 50m waterproof, more than 60 exercise modes, Pai health assessment system, physiological cycle management, sleep monitoring, etc.

However, there are many places to upgrade the amazfit pop Pro watch. First of all, the independent gps+glonass dual star independent positioning system is added, which can record the movement track without matching the mobile phone. If it is not convenient to take the mobile phone when going out for running or other sports, you will not miss a day’s movement record.

Second, the amazfit pop Pro watch supports the intelligent voice assistant “Xiao AI classmate” this time, which can complete the corresponding command operations through voice, so as to maximize the efficiency of life.

Finally, the amazfit pop Pro watch also adds the compass function. This upgrade looks small, but it is very convenient. It can easily help users locate, identify the East, West, North and south, and do not get lost in the wild.

The three upgraded functions of amazfit pop Pro watch are very practical and easy to use, especially for consumers who like outdoor sports.

At present, the amazfit pop Pro watch has been on the market at a price of 399 yuan. Now it has been pre sold. The deposit is 30 yuan, and the final payment is reduced by 40 yuan. It is only 359 yuan. Netizens who want to exchange for a fast, beautiful and practical sports watch can start.

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