On November 16, huami CEO Huang Wang suddenly released eight unofficial dial design drafts on the Internet and published the text “we are extremely serious about designing the dial. The designer just showed me a new batch of dial design drafts.”

From the pictures, we can see that this group of new dials optimizes the spatial display form of widgets such as weather and heart rate, and the UI design has also changed and become more distinctive.

Huami released the amazfit smart watch in September. The watch is the first smart watch of huami, priced at 799 yuan.

Amazfit smart watch adopts AMOLED color screen and built-in “Xiaoai classmate”. When the watch is connected to the mobile phone, this AI voice assistant can connect the ecology of MI family, that is, Xiaomi ecological chain.

Users only need to press the home button on the watch interface to quickly turn on Xiaoai. Xiaoai can control the smart home and deal with trivial daily life. At the same time, it also supports NFC function and can be used as a bus card.

According to the official data, amazfit smart watch can last for 5 days when it receives 150 messages every day, raises its wrist to display the time 30 times, swipes the card 4 times by NFC, and runs once a day for 5 minutes. The watch also introduces the real-time heart rate monitoring function to detect the blood flow of the wrist through PPG (photoplethysmograph) to obtain heart rate information all day.

It is reported that at the beginning of its release, amazfit smart watch has 13 built-in dials, including 3 dials designed in cooperation with territory studio based in San Francisco. In the later stage, it also supports user-made dials.

Huami amazfit smart watches are available in tmall flagship store. The brand-new cleaning wristband manufacturing process and three watch colors are available. It is unknown whether they can adapt to other phenotypes.

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