1、 Appearance: the square dial is more fashionable, and the surface of titanium alloy has excellent texture

The “battle between square and circle” of smart watch has never stopped. The circle is more classic, which is in line with the cognition of traditional watch. However, the circular interface is more difficult to design in software development, resolution conversion and other aspects; the square is more fashionable, which can display more information and is more friendly to developers. The choice between the two depends more on the user’s own preferences .

Huami amazfit GTS titanium plate evaluation, there is always one can move you

Huami also fully considers the user’s preferences. Whether it is round or square, it has excellent smart watch products for us to choose from. This time, we got huami amazfit GTS titanium plate with modern square dial. The square dial brings better UI performance, and the body is made of titanium alloy. Not only has the outstanding use experience, but also has the unique texture under the titanium alloy blessing. Next, let’s experience how the smart watch is made of titanium.

On the packaging, huami amazfit GTS titanium version is a very popular minimalist style. The white package simply lists the functional features of the product.

Get this square smart watch made of titanium alloy. The most prominent one is the 1.65-inch square AMOLED screen. The square screen provides a larger display area, adopts standard RGB arrangement and up to 341 PPI, plus the excellent color performance of AMOLED itself, which makes this screen look great.

Titanium alloy body. Titanium has high specific strength, higher hardness than aluminum and iron, and has corrosion resistance comparable to platinum. For example, dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid and even most organic acids will not react. At first, because of its excellent strength, density, stability, non toxicity and other properties, titanium and its alloys are widely used in aerospace, human medical, military machinery and other cutting-edge fields. In modern times, titanium and its alloys are also widely used in consumer goods, especially bicycles, jewelry, sporting goods, which require high strength, light weight, not easy to corrode, and are compatible with human body.

In addition, the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is low. When it is used for direct contact with skin, it is not easy to get cold in cold winter compared with steel products and aluminum alloy. It can be said that it is more comfortable to wear as a watch. Combined with its more durable advantages, huami amazfit GTS titanium plate has a significant improvement compared with ordinary aluminum alloy plate.

Titanium version of the strap and ordinary version is also different. It is made of more durable and corrosion-resistant fluororubber, which is more stable in chemical properties and more soft and smooth than ordinary silicone watch strap. Just like the titanium alloy used in the watch body, this fluororubber strap is also more durable and provides a more comfortable wearing experience.

The watch strap supports quick disassembly and replacement. In the mall, we can see a variety of more gorgeous styles for us to buy.

Watch bottom, familiar sensors and charging metal contacts. Huami amazfit GTS supports heart rate, sleep, heart health and other functions. We will try these functions later.

Such a large and excellent screen can’t be wasted. The dial market offers a wide range of custom dials for us to choose from. To tell you the truth, the design of many dials is excellent, which makes people shine. Some are complex and three-dimensional, some are simple and plain. These unique dials are also the competitiveness of huami amazfit GTS.

2、 Experience: unique dial information DIY function, convenient function should have a lot

Amafit and GTS are supported. The former is carried on many wearable devices, so we will not elaborate on it. On the other hand, the information screen display uses less power consumption to exchange the smart watch with the common display experience similar to that of the traditional watch. Even when you wear a watch, you can easily see simple time, date and other information by putting it aside.

For the customization of dials, in addition to choosing the style you like in the dial market according to your preference, the two default dials of the system support the DIY function of column information. You can switch the column settings, and select one of the existing function prompts from the current weather, air quality, humidity, ultraviolet, wind direction, steps, calories, etc. to display on the dial page.

The display contents of the seven selected areas of the pointer dial can be customized

Five customizable display areas of digital dial

The two system dials, digital dial and pointer dial, provide quite a number of user-defined fields to choose from. In particular, the information bar in the middle of the digital dial has a larger display area, so the information displayed has also been customized separately. For example, the ECG of the whole day heart rate, the weather condition of five days, the steps per hour, and the complete event reminder can be set in it.

Larger display area can be customized to display more detailed information

The function of personalized dial setting is very special, which is rare in other brands. For huami amazfit GTS titanium metal version, a smart watch focusing on healthy sports. The square screen design provides a larger display space. This DIY design can make full use of the dial to display information, so that you can fully understand your sports and health.

It’s very special for the custom column to display detailed sports health records on the screen, but how accurate is it? There is no need to worry about this. Huami amazfit GTS titanium version is still equipped with biotracker ™ PPG biological tracking optical sensor supports all-weather heart rate, sleep monitoring, heart health and other health functions. There are also multiple motion sensors plus GPS + GLONASS double star positioning system, which can not only record the movement, but also accurately draw the road map. With the help of biosensor, you can also record your physiological state in the process of exercise, so that you can master the whole exercise situation.

The titanium version of huami amazfit GTS supports up to 12 sports modes. In addition to daily sports such as running and riding, there are also special skiing, swimming pool / open water swimming modes. Due to the limitation of the venue, I can not fully experience them. This time, we will simply experience the motion recording function of huami amazfit GTS titanium version through the outdoor riding mode.

Because of the use of GPS + GLONASS dual satellite positioning system, it takes a period of time to search for GPS signal before the motion mode starts to record. The author’s feeling of using it several times is that we should try our best to use it in open space and avoid the occlusion of tall buildings, so that we can quickly complete the signal search.

After searching the GPS signal, click go to start the movement

In sports, you can always watch your movement through the watch. When you finish the exercise, just long press the entity button to stop recording and save. After the exercise, we can directly check the exercise records through the watch or mobile app to learn more about our speed, time, distance, heart rate changes and other details.

Watch alone can see a lot of sports information

More detailed data viewed on mobile app

The route data recorded by the app on the mobile terminal truly reflects the advantages of GPS positioning track recording. The author has recorded many lane changes and stops in the process of riding, which has good accuracy without connecting to the mobile phone. The speed and altitude changes in the process of exercise are provided, and the data such as heart rate changes recorded by biosensors are also very detailed, so you can roughly evaluate your exercise effect.

In sports, huami amazfit GTS titanium version is very professional, so is health. Huami amazfit GTS titanium plate supports heart rate detection and sleep monitoring. Its heart rate detection supports automatic heart rate detection, auxiliary sleep monitoring, automatic heart rate detection + auxiliary sleep monitoring, heart safety monitoring and other detection modes. It can realize all-weather heart rate detection, improve sleep monitoring accuracy of heart rate detection and special detection mode for heart health and safety. Different modes have different emphases, and users can choose by themselves.

Directly use the heart rate detection function of the watch, you can see your heart rate in real time

Opening the heart health detection mode will not only record heart rate changes, but also find abnormal heart rate and timely remind

In terms of heart rate detection, huami amazfit GTS titanium plate can be said to take into account the needs of all aspects. Whether you care about heart rate health or want to save more electricity, there are appropriate modes to choose from. In particular, after the automatic detection is turned on, the app will summarize the data of an individual’s heart rate in one day, which is very convenient to understand his heart rate.

In terms of sleep monitoring, huami amazfit GTS titanium version is also unambiguous. The basic function of recording personal sleep time, deep sleep and light sleep is needless to say. The most important thing is the evaluation system of sleep quality on the app side. It can find your sleep problems, such as too late, too little deep sleep, too short time and so on. Some suggestions are put forward. After using for a period of time, it can also summarize your sleep rules and remind you to pay attention to improving your work and rest. The most important thing is that it has a set of sleep comparison system for peers in the same area, which can help you quickly realize the unhealthy aspects of your work and rest.

The objective data of sleep evaluation system is more convincing

Besides sleep and heart rate. Huami amazfit GTS titanium plate also has a unique health evaluation index Pai value. Rely on your personal heart rate, weight, age and other data, use the amount of exercise as a ruler to calibrate the value needed to maintain healthy cardiovascular health. Use the form of points to show how much exercise you do every day. Encourage people to exercise more and keep healthy.

In addition to sports health, huami amazfit GTS titanium version has many convenient functions. More practical access control, bus card and Alipay payment functions can be used on them. In terms of access control simulation, huami amazfit GTS titanium version provides a rare blank card option for other intelligent wearable products. For some access control cards that cannot be simply simulated due to security reasons, the blank card can also be used to simulate the property. It’s very convenient.

Analog access card supports the simulation of blank card and non encrypted card

Functions like Alipay payment and public transport card require additional service.

The alarm clock and event reminder function of huami amazfit GTS titanium version is independent from the function of mobile phone. After being added to the mobile phone, the data will be transferred to the watch. According to the time directly by the watch alone remind, even if the mobile phone is not around.

Independent of the operation of the mobile phone time reminder function, do not worry about the impact of power failure

Thanks to the larger display area of the square screen. In the news notice, huami amazfit GTS titanium version also has the exclusive advantage, which can display more text content. Up to 110 words of wechat information can be displayed, and all kinds of messages can basically meet the number of words required.

The large screen can display more text information, and the content can be known at a glance

Huami amazfit GTS titanium version also has the same 50 meter waterproof ability as traditional watches, so you don’t have to worry about swimming or splashing. With more corrosion-resistant titanium alloy surface, there is no need to worry about the impact of surface corrosion on waterproof ability in scenes such as sweating, rain, swimming and so on.

Finally, let’s talk about endurance. Theoretically, the square screen area of huami amazfit GTS titanium plate is larger, and the endurance of huami amazfit GTR is slightly less than that of the round dial. However, after the author’s actual measurement, using two weeks without charging or no problem. From 1:23 a.m. to 5:48 p.m. the next day, it was used for nearly 40.5 hours. The wrist lifting screen was turned on, the sleep monitoring was turned on, and the heart rate detection was set to the heart health mode. In the middle, GPS movement was turned on many times. In the last half day, the information screen was turned on, and the power consumption was only 15%. If you don’t turn on the information screen, it’s easy to run for two weeks.

15% power failure after nearly 40.5 hours of use

As for the charging time, the author uses the magnetic suction charging head to charge for half an hour, and the electric quantity reaches 71% from 38%. Basically, it can be fully charged in about an hour and a half. Compared with the two-week battery life, this time is completely acceptable. When you watch a movie or play with your mobile phone, you can put it aside to complete the charging process.

Charging starts at 5:57, 38%

After half an hour, the power becomes 71%

3、 Conclusion: the titanium alloy body is exquisite, the square screen still has 14 days of long endurance, there is always one that can move you

With the blessing of titanium alloy, huami amazfit GTS titanium version does achieve a more excellent comfortable texture compared with similar watches. Only the touch of the watch body is quite different from the traditional aluminum alloy material. More importantly, the square screen of huami amazfit GTS titanium plate, with standard RGB sequence and up to 341 PPI, not only has a larger display area, but also has a more delicate picture. With the characteristic custom dial, it brings a modern sense that the round dial does not have. Without too many fancy apps, it still focuses on sports health and necessary convenient functions, which makes it still have a long life of 14 days, which makes it more convenient to use. If you want a more modern square screen smart watch, if you like to wear the skin friendly metal titanium alloy with you, if you are tired of the one-day charging and flashy functions, then huami amazfit GTS titanium metal version is absolutely your ideal choice.

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