1、 Appearance / function: huami brand new square screen flagship

The author has been experiencing this watch these days. Today I will give you a simple evaluation!


Huami amazfit GTS smart watch evaluates 12 sports modes comparable to professional watch

First of all, on the whole, its design language is completely different from that of amazfit smart sports watch 3. One focuses on strong sports style, and the other on fashionable youth style. The 9.4mm light and thin fuselage combined with the matte polished aluminum alloy surface makes the amazfit GTS look very textured.

As far as the choice of the screen shape of smart watch is concerned, there are always great differences between manufacturers and consumers. Round watches have always been popular, mainly because it occupies the center of the history of watches, more traditional, and for people’s psychological reasons, the perfect round looks more gentle and aesthetic.

On the one hand, the emergence of square smart watch is due to the system. All kinds of digital products, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions and so on, are square. Accordingly, the system interface and application design follow the square design, so the square design is more in line with the system interface design logic.

On the other hand, compared with the round dial with the same diameter, the square dial will have a larger display area, so that it can display more contents both horizontally and vertically. For example, amazfit GTS is equipped with a 1.65-inch square display screen, which is only 1.3-inch if it is replaced by a round screen.

Amazfit GTS screen adopts AMOLED super retinal resolution (348 × 442); The screen PPI reaches 341 (much higher than apple watch series 4); Under 100% NTSC gamut, super high color saturation will make the display more realistic and vivid. In addition, with 2.5D round radian, whether it’s the rest screen or the bright screen, the appearance is very good.

There is a physical button on the right side of the watch, through which you can return, light the screen, breath the screen and other operations.

Thanks to the good fuselage design, amazfit GTS has achieved the waterproof level of 5atm, that is to say, it supports the waterproof of 50m swimming. It can be worn in shower, swimming pool and shoal swimming, and there is no problem in daily water stains and splash prevention.


As we said before, one of the advantages of the square dial is that it can display as many messages as possible.

Therefore, the default dial preset by the system can not only display the time and power, but also include the weather, heart rate, exercise and other health information of the day and the next four days. Usually, you need to check these information. You don’t need to slide to look for them. You can directly lift your wrist, and the watch will light up automatically.

The operation logic of the watch is very simple, the main interface can slide up and down, left and right. When you open the drop-down menu, you can see four function options: flashlight, do not disturb mode, adjusting brightness and locking screen.

The left slide and the optimization effect are all the main switches in Alipay payment, heart rate, step number and card pack.

Slide down to see all the function entries, including movement, movement recording, message notification, alarm clock, etc. Click to enter the music interface to control the music being played by the mobile phone.

As a fashionable and young smart watch, the design team of amazfit GTS really understands the minds of young people.

Here we are talking about dial setting. Amazfit GTS app provides 40 dials for users to choose from. Styles range from mecha to science fiction, from simplicity to Diablo, as well as popular IP such as piggy fart, Ali and Luo Xiaohei. Like the author, users who like personalized customization absolutely love it.

The author selected a few different styles of use, to show you.


As an all-round smart watch, convenient NFC function is essential. Amazfit GTS has built-in NFC chip. At present, it supports bus and subway card swiping in 255 cities in China. In addition, it also has the functions of analog access card and blank card writing.

2、 Experience / summary: 12 sports modes are comparable to professional watches

The smart watches of huami family pay more attention to sports and health functions, which is also a family feature,

Although the amazfit GTS is not as proficient in 19 sports modes as the amazfit smart sports watch 3, the amazfit GTS still retains 12 main sports modes, which basically covers the range of motion of most of us.

We know that different sensors need to be used in different motion scenes. After reviewing the official information, I learned that amazfit GTS has six built-in sensors, including pressure sensor, capacitance sensor, 6-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, ambient light brightness sensor, and biotracker PPG high-precision biological tracking optical sensor.

Considering the thickness of 9.4mm and the weight of 24.8g, it’s amazing that this watch can hold so many sensors. Huami’s technology accumulation in the field of intelligent wearable in recent years can not be underestimated.

On my way to work, I turned on the walking mode to experience the sports function (if I didn’t turn on the running mode, I couldn’t run any more because I was too busy for a day. Please forgive me). The figure above shows the data after the exercise.

Because the watch has built-in GPS + GLONASS double star positioning system, so the trajectory can be accurately captured. At the same time, in the cooperative operation of each sensor, the data in the process of movement are also recorded one by one.

Most of us are lack of basic sports knowledge and scientific guidance in exercise, which is also the significance of smart watch sports health function. Through the sports feedback in mobile app, we can get better sports guidance, so as to protect our health and improve our sports level at the same time.

In the evaluation of amazfit smart sports watch 3, we have described in detail the biotracker PPG high-precision biological tracking optical sensor, which is the same as Huangshan No.1 chip and is self-developed by huami. Its main function is to cooperate with the self-developed algorithm, which can continuously monitor the heart rate and the heart rate range during exercise 24 hours. In addition, it also supports the industry-leading automatic screening of arrhythmias.


After using it for a few days, what makes me feel the most is the wearing feeling of the watch. Before that, I didn’t have the habit of wearing a watch. Occasionally I would wear a bracelet, mainly because I felt that the watch was too heavy and I felt bound. The weight of amazfit GTS is 24.8g. It’s exaggerating to say that it’s light and weak, but it’s much better than the smart watch I’ve experienced before.

This time, I didn’t take off the amazfit GTS for a week. It’s a record breaking.

The official data is up to 46 days, but Bluetooth and heart rate detection should be used. Since we are starting to evaluate, of course, we have to pay more attention to the power consumption. I’ve turned on all-weather heart rate detection, APP message notification, wrist lifting and screen lighting, and the power loss is about 10% in one day.

I didn’t look for more smart watches for comparison, but the 10 day battery life should be good, at least not as bad as the one-day rush of Apple watch.

If I buy this watch as a consumer at the moment, the appearance part of amazfit GTS will definitely catch my eye. 2.5D glass + aluminum alloy fuselage appearance is really good! And there are six colors to choose from( Some people say it looks like apple watch. In fact, if you think about it carefully, this may be the reason for some people to buy it.)

The selling price of amazfit GTS is 899 yuan. It’s hard for me to judge whether it’s high or low. After all, everyone’s situation is different. For me, although I feel very fragrant, but I’m shy, I still have to struggle before I buy it. But if I put it in the Zhihu circle with an annual salary of one million yuan, 899 yuan is nothing, and a ticket to the United States is not enough!

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