Zhuhai, May 27, 2021 / AP / — on May 26, 2021, the annual conference of China’s international meter industry held by global meter, an international professional information platform focusing on energy measurement, was solemnly held in Zhuhai. Beijing Zhongdian Huada Electronics Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huada Electronics”) released the IOT meter security chip and application scheme based on domestic CPU core for the first time at the meeting, and deeply analyzed the important role of the full supply chain industry chain of security chip in the meter industry, We also share our experience with colleagues in meter industry on the application of safety chip in national gas companies.

Li Dan, director of Internet of things security marketing of Huada electronics, delivered the opening speech and released the data security core scheme of Internet of things meter based on domestic CPU core. Based on the acceleration of digital transformation of energy industry under the epidemic situation, the data value of meter measurement has become more and more prominent. The digital upgrade of energy measurement needs a complete intelligent ecological environment and cloud platform services, complete data collection, analysis and display, to provide effective data assets for public utilities and non-public utilities. This is the transformation and upgrading of traditional energy measurement thinking. In the face of this transformation and upgrading, the data security requirements will be higher and higher, who can provide the most secure and reliable data security, who can become the most reliable partner in the table industry.

Huada electronics has created a complete and rich product package for the meter industry, including the Internet of things meter security se products, the Internet of things meter security NB module, the smart IC card meter ESAM security module and the smart IC card meter smart IC card products, which meet the various needs of the meter industry. At present, the cumulative shipment volume of Huada electronics in the field of smart meters has exceeded 500 million.

At this conference, Huada electronics released the data security core scheme of IOT meter based on domestic CPU core. The security chip has completely independent intellectual property rights. It adopts domestic CPU core and domestic commercial cipher algorithm, and is manufactured in the domestic foundry. It realizes the independent development of the whole industry chain and supply chain. It not only solves the data security problems of the meter industry, but also eliminates the potential security risks of the supply chain of the security chip products, and provides independent development and supply chain services for the meter market Safe and reliable Internet of things meter security chip. The products have been applied in large quantities in national gas company projects and won the favor of users.

As the core enterprise of China’s security chip, Huada electronics is committed to the security chip products and application solutions in the fields of Internet of things, Internet of vehicles, intelligent transportation, smart home, intelligent manufacturing, 5g network communication, financial technology, etc., with a total shipment of more than 18 billion security chips. Facing the vigorous development of China’s new generation of information technology industry, Huada electronics is willing to cooperate with the meter industry to become the most trusted and reliable security guard of the meter industry.

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