·When any platform needs to expand its memory capacity, customers can expand its flash memory capacity from 16MB to 2GB without changing the hardware design

·Many global leading customers in different fields have begun to use Huabang’s new 512MB nor flash for small batch production. The performance has been verified and is expected to be in mass production in the second half of 2021

·With Huabang’s in-house design and manufacturing energy, we can provide batch supply and continuous support to customers all over the world


Suzhou, China, June 17, 2021 – Huabang electronics, a global leader in semiconductor storage solutions, announced today that it will launch a new 1.8V 512MB SPI nor flash memory, which can support standard SPI, dual SPI and Quad SPI clock rates up to 166MHz. Huabang’s full series SPI nor flash memory are compatible with each other in the same package. In order to provide customers with more complete options, in addition to the original 3V 512MB w25q512jv, Huabang’s new w25q512nw SPI nor flash memory makes it easy for customers to use higher capacity storage space without modifying PCB design. By carrying w25q512nw, customers can not only extend the service life of the product platform, speed up the time to market, save the time and energy required to develop new products, but also expand their future product roadmap by using a single flash platform.

“W25q512nw SPI nor flash memory can meet the high-quality and high-capacity requirements of emerging 5g applications. Combined with Huabang global sales network and flexible, fast and stable supply capacity, Huabang can meet customers’ best choice from the lowest to the highest flash memory capacity,” Huabang said

W25q512nw’s target market and product advantages

W25q512nw supports 166MHz SDR and 80MHz DDR high-speed reading, and with QPI mode, it can greatly meet the requirements of XIP (execute in place) and instant on. The 512MB SPI nor flash memory capacity launched by Huabang can also be stacked into 1GB and 2GB flash memory by 2 or 4 chips, which can provide customers with more flexible read while write function. For the increasingly widely used OTA (over the air) applications, it can achieve fast and stable firmware update.

For customers of 5g modems, 5g edge computing, cloud servers, optical communication modems, intelligent Internet of things devices and other different applications, the demand for program code capacity will increase twice every two years on average, and the compatibility of w25q512nw can help OEM software teams develop application code with more new functions, Not limited by flash memory capacity.

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