·When the maximum clock frequency is 2133mhz, the data transmission rate of Huabang 4GB lpddr4x chip with 200bbga package is up to 4267mbps

(February 3, 2021, Suzhou, China) Huabang electronics, a global leader in semiconductor storage solutions, announced today that its low-power, high-efficiency lpddr4xdram technology will be used in FlexLogix ® New inferx ™ X1 edge reasoning accelerator meets the needs of high demand AI applications such as object recognition, and helps FlexLogix ® Breakthrough achievements have been made in the field of edge computing.

FlexLogix’s inferxx1 edge reasoning accelerator chip adopts the pioneering architecture of the industry and has a reconfigurable tensor processor array. Equipped with Huabang lpddr4x chip, the processing of complex neural network algorithms (such as yolov3 or full accuracy Winograd) can provide more processing capacity, lower latency and lower cost, which is far better than AI edge computing solutions in the current market.

Robert Chang, technical director of Huabang DRAM product marketing center, said: “we chose FlexLogix inferxx1ai accelerator because it can provide the highest cost per unit. This advantage is very important for the development and promotion of high-capacity mainstream applications. With Huabang lpddr4x chip, inferxx1 can give full play to its advantages in price and efficiency, and finally introduce reasoning function into edge computing market, thus greatly expanding its application scope in AI field. “

In order to support the ultra-high speed operation speed of inferxx1 up to 7.5tops and minimize the power consumption, FlexLogix chooses to combine the accelerator with w66cq2nquahj of Huabang. At the highest clock frequency of 2133mhz, Huabang 4GB lpddr4xdram can provide a maximum data transmission rate of 4267mbps. In order to cooperate with battery power supply system and other power limited applications, w66 series devices can operate in 1.8v/1.1v main power supply mode and 0.6V data throughput area static mode. At the same time, w66 series devices are also equipped with energy-saving mode and self refresh function of partial array.

Huabang lpddr4xdram works smoothly on the FlexLogix half high / half long PCI embedded processor board with the infixx1 processor for edge server and gateway. This system makes full use of FlexLogix architecture innovation, such as reconfigurable optimized data path, which can reduce the traffic between processor and DRAM, so as to improve the processing capacity and reduce the latency.

Dana McCarty, vice president of AI reasoning product sales and marketing of FlexLogix, said: “the unique inferxx1 processor and Huabang high bandwidth lpddr4x chip will set a new benchmark for edge AI performance. This is an unprecedented initiative. We have implemented a complex neural network algorithm through an affordable edge computing system, which can achieve high-precision object detection and image recognition even when processing data intensive high-definition video streams. “

Huabang 4gbw66cq2nquahj consists of two 2GB grains in a dual channel configuration. Eight internal memory blocks are arranged in each grain to support simultaneous operation. The chip is packaged with 200 ball wfbga, and the size is 10mmx14.5mm.

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