·Qingwei intelligent launched the latest tx510ai processor, integrating Huabang 1GB lpddr3 chip into a single sip

·Supported by Huabang DRAM with 1866mb / s bandwidth, tx510soc can run at 1.2t (int8), setting a benchmark for biometric and 3D sensing applications

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Suzhou, China, December 16, 2020 – Huabang electronics, a global leader in semiconductor storage solutions, announced today that its high-performance, low-power 1GB lpddr3dram, a new AI chip for Qingwei intelligence, has made remarkable achievements in high bandwidth applications again.

Tx510soc is a highly advanced AI edge computing engine, which has been optimized for 3D sensing, face recognition, object recognition and gesture recognition. Tx510 is suitable for applications requiring fast image detection and recognition, including biometrics, video surveillance, intelligent retail, intelligent home automation and advanced industrial automation.

Huabang’s lpddr3dram provides a maximum bandwidth of 1866mb per second, uses 1.2v/1.8v dual power supply, and has power-saving functions (such as deep power-saving mode and frequency stop), supporting tx510 to provide excellent speed and accuracy in AI imaging applications.

Tx510soc implements innovative architecture: including 32-bit RISC processor, reconfigurable neural network engine, reconfigurable general computing engine, image signal processor and 3D induction engine. At the time of shipment, tx510 and Huabang’s 1GB lpddr3dram chip were integrated in the same 14mmx14mm TFBGA system level package (SIP). The SIP can achieve up to 1.2tops (megaoperations per second), perform accurate face recognition in less than 100 ms (the error acceptance rate is 1 in 10 million), and compare features with facial information in 100000 databases in less than 50 ms. The peak power consumption of the chip is only 450mW, and the power consumption in static mode is only 0.01mw.

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“The performance evaluation of Huabang lpddr3dram shows that it has advantages in speed and power consumption.” Wang Bo, CEO of Qingwei intelligence, said, “but equally important, Huabang provided us with support and expertise in the development of tx510, enabling us to integrate DRAM chips into sip, so as to maintain high performance and signal integrity while maintaining thermal management.”

“In the close technical cooperation with Qingwei, Huabang’s high-performance and low-power DRAM helps tx510 to show high performance, setting a new benchmark for this type of innovative AI chip,” Huabang said

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