On March 26, 2019, HTC vive ecological conference and new product launch conference were successfully held in China Resources Building, Shenzhen. In the exclusive interview after the conference, Bao Yongzhe, vice president of HTC vive products and strategy, Wang Congqing, President of HTC China, and Si Hongguo, head of Qualcomm’s XR business, discussed some hot topics with the media on the spot.

Current situation and development of HTC 5g cloud VR service

From left to right are Bao Yongzhe, Wang Congqing and Si Hongguo

VR content is as important as hardware

HTC solemnly launched vive focus plus at this vive ecological conference. Compared with vive focus, this product has been greatly updated and can be divided into two parts: hardware and content. In terms of hardware, vive focus plus is equipped with the world’s first comprehensive six degree of freedom (6DOF) controller, which enables players to operate VR devices more freely, more relaxed and more immersed. At the same time, this product adopts lightweight design, which greatly improves the wearing experience. In addition, Fresnel lens makes the screen display more clear and reduces the screen effect to the greatest extent.

In recent years, the development of VR hardware is very strong, but the content of VR is very cold, which hinders the development of VR to a certain extent. Wang Congqing made a very appropriate analogy: “the reason why I put the content in the most important position is that, just like the machine can not be without oil, oil is the content, otherwise the machine can not run.” HTC is very forward-looking in this respect. As early as 2015, HTC has vigorously promoted the development of VR content. Today, users can experience 4000 VR content, tens of thousands of host content and hundreds of millions of videos with the help of vive focus plus and viveport unlimited membership service, which greatly enriches the user experience.

Current situation and development of HTC 5g cloud VR service

VR technology has a high demand for image clarity, which leads to the huge volume of VR materials. 4G network can not meet such high standard transmission requirements. The theoretical transmission speed of 5g network is 100 times of that of 4G network, which can make VR content fully use of the advantages of bandwidth and network speed. Therefore, people call VR the killer technology of 5g era. 5g network also brings new ideas for VR development: put some VR computing processing in the cloud, and the rendering of terminal can be separated, so that the operation of VR equipment will be more efficient. At present, HTC devices have supported 5g network. As long as the network conditions are met, people can experience high-quality VR services seamlessly. However, at present, 5g network is in the development stage, and its perfection takes time. Therefore, traditional VR content will not be replaced by 5g cloud VR soon. Wang Congqing said: “we don’t think that this will replace another. Many customers, especially professional customers, will need local rendering and their own controllability, and will not rely on the network, so these two will coexist for a long time.”

As for the development plan of HTC 5g cloud VR service, Wang Congqing said that 5g hub, which had previously cooperated with European operators, had been successfully exhibited on MWC and attracted the attention of many operators. At present, HTC is discussing and communicating with many operators at home and abroad.

Wang Congqing is also open to new technologies in the future: “if the technological environment changes in the future, we will certainly keep pace with the times and even lead the market. This is our concept.”

HTC vive’s market route

The market structure and user habits of the Chinese market and the European and American markets are very different. At present, HTC’s VR content is launched by the domestic team. From the perspective of content and experience, it is more in line with the use habits of domestic consumers. Therefore, HTC will first focus on finding the strategy that best meets the needs of the Chinese market, and then gradually promote it to Europe and the United States.

For the consumer market and the enterprise market, Wang Congqing said that they both attach equal importance to, but will use different strategies to meet different needs. At present, HTC VR products are widely used in the enterprise market, involving medical treatment, conference, training, education, sales and other fields. What PC VR can do, mobile VR can also be realized.

In 2019, HTC will continue to enrich itself and the ecology of the whole industry, vigorously develop the cooperation of big movies, sports events and E-sports projects, so as to make VR more deeply into people’s daily life.

Build a good ecosystem and win win cooperation

HTC has always had a deep cooperation with Qualcomm in the field of mobile phones and VR. The vive focus plus launched by HTC has adopted the Qualcomm snapdragon 835 SOC processor. At this year’s conference, HTC vive and Qualcomm entered a new level of cooperation. In terms of Qualcomm, Si Hongguo said that in the future, HTC vive will be pre installed in the chips of Qualcomm, and new mobile phones can quickly use the ecology and content of HTC vive, mainly because of HTC Vive has an open ecosystem, which enables software and hardware developers to integrate into it. Ecological partners can save the cost of testing and development, and launch high-quality products with the help of existing achievements of HTC and Qualcomm. Its ultimate goal is to make consumers better accept VR products and benefit consumers.

In addition, Bao Yongzhe and Wang Congqing respectively discussed their views on the development of VR equipment by Huawei Xiaomi. Bao Yongzhe said, “every company has its own strategy. Mobile phones support VR, and there will be different design challenges. But when we make these companies’ business barriers lower, different industries and companies have different views.” “We are willing to support more mobile phone manufacturers to enter the VR device market,” Wang said

Current situation and development of HTC 5g cloud VR service

Editor’s comments: at this HTC vive ecological conference, HTC launched the first comprehensive six degree of freedom VR all-in-one machine vive focus plus and viveport unlimited membership service from both hardware and software directions, providing consumers with a more authentic, more comfortable and richer VR experience. At the same time, in the coming 5g era, HTC will reach deep cooperation with domestic and foreign operators to bring high-quality VR services to consumers. In addition, HTC has joined forces with Qualcomm to build an open ecosystem, allowing manufacturers in the ecosystem to launch more high-quality products and further promote the development of the industry.


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