HTC recently revealed that it will launch three new “Vive cosmos” series VR masks, including cosmos play for entry-level users, Cosmos XR for the developer community, and cosmos elite. From the basic version to the professional version are covered.

HTC plans to launch three new VR devices in 2020

Cosmos play is a product developed for entry-level users. Its main use scenarios are education, art and Museum. This kind of use environment requires low product accuracy. It is equipped with four lenses and inside out tracking technology, focusing on relatively low price and comfortable wearing experience.

Cosmos XR itself has plans to combine AR and VR. In addition to the four lenses based on cosmos, it also has two high-resolution perspective lenses. The official said that it can provide 100 degree wide-angle ar experience. It is reported that on Cosmos XR, the surrounding real scene and virtual content can be mixed and projected onto the screen, providing a tool to meet the needs of VR conference. The main users are geek developers and enterprise users.

HTC plans to launch three new VR devices in 2020

Cosmos elite upgraded the resolution to 2880 * 1700, and reduced the veil effect of VR masks. The new product also provides a 100 degree cover lift design, and adds more lining around the mask to improve the comfort of wearing. The product is suitable for games with high accuracy requirements and supports lighthouse laser positioning technology. The package includes a cosmos head display integrated with an external tracking panel, a pair of steamvr positioners and a pair of vive control handles. HTC also provides modular design. For users who started wearing cosmos head display last year, they can upgrade to cosmos elite with a new mask in one second.

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