According to the statistical bulletin on the operation of the communication industry in 2020 issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the telecom business revenue in 2020 totaled 1.36 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.6%, and the total telecom business reached 1.5 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.6%.

Say goodbye to 2020 and move forward to 2021. How will China’s ICT industry develop, and what problems and challenges will it encounter? In order to understand the current development situation of the industry and promote the development of the industry, all media of the communication world specially launched the topic of ICT industry trend prediction of the “14th five year plan” and invited liujinglei, director researcher / Technical Manager of China Mobile Research Institute, to have an insight into the future, feel the pulse of 2021, talk about the trend, and help the development of the ICT industry in 2021.

2020: make progress in difficulties

When it comes to 2020, liujinglei uses four words to describe it: striving for progress amid difficulties. How to interpret “seeking progress in difficulties”? Liujinglei said that the development of the industry in 2020 has encountered a major change that has not been seen in a century. The COVID-19 and the global competition pattern have had a certain impact on the development of the ICT industry. At the same time, the “headwind” of the whole industry also has a certain impact on operators’ provision of 5g industry services, such as industry demand adjustment, partner selection, product launch rhythm, localization substitution of product solutions, etc., but this is both a challenge and an opportunity for operators to develop multi industry information services.

“China Mobile overcame various difficulties and successfully completed the commercial construction of 5g SA network in 2020 according to the set goals. On July 22, China Mobile officially released the three systems of 5g ‘youzhuanzun’ private network products, technology and operation, officially provided 5g private network products and services to the industry, and started a new journey of 5g tob.” Liujinglei said.

According to statistics, China Mobile has opened more than 390000 5g base stations in 2020, providing 5g services to all prefecture level cities and some key counties in China. By december2020, the total number of mobile users in China had reached 940million, and the total number of 5g package customers had reached 165million. In addition, the three networking modes of preferential, exclusive and exclusive proposed by China Mobile also provide a large number of Tob customers with highly secure, highly isolated and customized networks and related cloud services.

2021: Multipoint development

“The network moves with the industry and builds the network on demand”. In 2021, facing the tob industry service, China Mobile actively responded to the national policy call, comprehensively improved the private network capacity and enabled the vertical industry. Accelerate the construction of 5g private network, work with partners to jointly build a “circle of friends” of 5g private network, promote the digital transformation of industry, and realize value creation and win-win cooperation.

At the press conference on the development of industry and informatization in 2020 organized by the Information Office of the State Council, zhaozhiguo, director of the information and communication administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in 2021, we should focus on improving the network coverage capacity, and plan to build 600000 5g base stations in 2021. On the basis of realizing the deep coverage of cities above the prefecture level, we should accelerate the extension to counties and towns where conditions permit, and do a good job in industry, energy, transportation The network construction in key fields such as medical treatment and education will realize 5g network coverage in a wider range and at more levels. China Mobile will also deepen and strengthen 5g coverage in 2021. For the trend of 5g network construction in 2021, liujinglei gives three predictions:

First, the quality of network products was further improved. Facing the needs of the industry, operators will continue to improve their 5g network coverage and quality, including the improvement of various committed SLA service indicators.

Second, industrial information infrastructure scale development. Internet companies, operators and other industry service providers will continue to vigorously develop information infrastructure. Edge computing will truly move towards large-scale deployment and gradually realize cloud edge collaboration. There may be multiple cloud entities and cloud ecosystems in the industry.

Third, the industry capacity and application grew explosively at multiple points. After the implementation of 5g network and information infrastructure is basically completed, ICT upper application ecology will be more prosperous, and the demand of industrial applications for network capability and industrial capability will surge, resulting in many unexpected cross-border integration application scenarios.

Finally, turning to the expectation for the development of ICT industry in 2021, liujinglei expressed the hope that the “cake” of the market will become bigger and bigger, so as to achieve multiple wins for customers, service providers and industry partners, and realize the convergence and convergence of industry ecology in practice, so as to achieve real scale development.
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