Intelligent surveillance camera video analysis technology has been used in the field of surveillance for more than 10 years, but it is still booming due to the difference of industry demand. However, we know that there will always be various problems in the non-stop operation of the surveillance camera, which are caused by operation faults, nature and other reasons. Let’s learn about some problems that will occur in the use of the surveillance camera.

Analysis of various problems in the use of surveillance camera

1. The infrared hemisphere and all-in-one machine have poor image illumination, whitening or bright white aperture at night, and whitening during the day.

This phenomenon is caused by vibration during machine assembly or transportation. The phenomenon of white image or bright white aperture is mainly caused by the infrared light emitted by the infrared LED refracted to the lens through the ball cover. The solution to this phenomenon is to avoid the infrared light refracted to the lens surface. Sponge ring is usually used to isolate the lens from the infrared light, Be sure to keep the ball cover close to the sponge ring during assembly!

2. The infrared model has normal images during the day and white images at night.

Generally, this phenomenon occurs when the machine is used in the environment with reflectors or in a small space. It is caused by the reflection of infrared light. To solve this phenomenon, first determine whether there are reflectors in the use environment and improve the installation environment or installation angle as much as possible.

How video surveillance cameras face environmental problems

Secondly, check whether the effective infrared distance of the machine is compatible with the actual use distance; If a long-distance infrared machine is used in a small space, the image of the machine will turn white due to too strong infrared light. This situation is mostly caused by the use of infrared lamps of other companies in the past, because the index of infrared lamps in the market is too large, resulting in the engineers’ adaptation to this dislocation. When considering the infrared distance, they often make a margin of 50% or even double, and the illumination will be too strong in actual use and installation, The camera can’t open its eyes! The solution is to match the infrared light source with the same irradiation distance!

3. The surveillance camera has no image

First, check whether the polarity of the external power supply is correct and whether the output voltage meets the requirements (power error: DC12V ± 10%, AC24V ± 5%), and then check whether the video connection is in good contact; If the manual aperture lens is used, it is necessary to check whether the aperture is open, and the automatic aperture lens needs to adjust the level potentiometer to make the aperture in the appropriate position.

4. Color distortion and color deviation of surveillance camera

The white balance switch (AWB) may be set improperly, or the ambient lighting conditions may change too much. At this time, check whether the switch setting is in the off position, and find ways to improve the ambient lighting conditions.

5. The surveillance camera image is distorted or geometrically distorted

This phenomenon may be the problem of geometric correction circuit of camera and monitor or optical lens, or the characteristic impedance of video connecting cable or equipment does not match the output impedance of camera. In case of the above phenomena, please first check whether the optical lens used is abnormal and whether the input impedance switch of the monitor is set at 75 Ω (Ohm), and then check whether the impedance of the video connecting cable used is 75 Ω.

6. Several black vertical bars or horizontal bars appear in the picture of the surveillance camera.

This situation is generally caused by too large ripple of output voltage of machine power supply or insufficient power supply. Filtering shall be strengthened and DC regulated power supply with good performance and power matching shall be adopted.

7. The camera does not produce images. For those with constant current and constant voltage plate, the constant current and constant voltage plate is not burned. The movement board is broken, that is, our camera is short circuited.

How do surveillance cameras deal with environmental problems

Sometimes the effect of surveillance cameras will be reduced due to environmental factors. For the monitoring environment in different occasions, several environmental influencing factors and solutions are introduced below.

1、 Rainy, foggy, snowy and other places with high humidity

When shooting in this environment, spots and fog are easily caused on the lens, affecting the effect and quality of the picture. If the electrical and mechanical parts inside the equipment are eroded by rain or humid air, they will also fail or even be damaged. Solution: if possible, a professional rain cover can be used, which can isolate the damage of rain, snow, fog and humid air to the equipment. If there is no condition, you can choose a sunshade umbrella. It has a large covering area and can block the attack of rain and snow. For fog and humid air, we can use high-density materials (large plastic bags can also be used) to tightly wrap the fuselage. During the shooting process, pay attention to the cleaning of the lens at all times. If you find any dirt, wipe it with deer skin in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the picture quality.

2、 Places with windy sand, large dust or chemically corrosive gas

Sandstorm and dust mainly infringe the lens and camera interior. The lens cover shall be opened during shooting. After shooting, the dirty marks shall be checked in time and the cover shall be wiped clean. It is best to use a rain cover on the fuselage to avoid the entry of wind, sand and dust particles and hinder the normal operation of the equipment. The smell of chemical corrosion has a very serious impact on the body. It can corrode electronic devices and lose their inherent electrical characteristics. The damage is so great that the consequences are difficult to predict. You can also choose rain cover or other materials with high density to wrap the body. Pay attention that the working hours should not be too long and leave quickly after the work is completed.

3、 Shooting ambient temperature too high or too low

Too high or too low temperature has a great impact on the working performance of the electronic components of the camera, including the random battery.

1. The shooting ambient temperature is too high (above 30 ℃)

The electrical components of the fuselage will generate heat during work. Heat dissipation is necessary to maintain a stable working state. If the ambient temperature is too high, it will not dissipate heat, but aggravate the heating of electronic components, which will make the components lose their normal working characteristics, produce linear distortion and affect the picture quality.

Solution: if possible, electric fan can be used to promote heat dissipation; In the field, ventilation and cool place can be selected for heat dissipation; You can also choose to work for a period of time and stop for a period of time. This “combination of work and rest” method has a good effect.

2. The shooting ambient temperature is too low (below 25%)

Generally speaking, it is conditional to ensure the normal operation of the electronic components inside the camera. Too high or too low temperature will affect the use of the camera. If the ambient temperature is too low, the electronic devices can not reach the preheating value, which will also affect the working characteristics of the machine. The same is true for the battery. Due to the low ambient temperature, the speed of chemical reaction and released energy in the battery will also slow down, and the due energy can not be brought into full play, reducing the normal working time. Although it will not cause damage to the equipment, it will affect the work efficiency.

Solution: put a “cotton padded jacket” on the fuselage to keep warm. Unused batteries should be placed in a place with high temperature or treated against cold to make the energy easy to release.

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