In recent years, global climate change has produced urban heat island and rain island effects. There are more and more urban extreme meteorological events, and the frequency and intensity of Extreme Rainstorm Weather are also increasing year by year. The increase of rainstorm events and the hydrological distortion effect of urbanization lead to the phenomenon of “looking at the sea” in cities.

As heavy precipitation or continuous precipitation exceeds the drainage capacity of urban drainage pipe network, ponding disaster occurs in the city; After long-term operation of rainwater pipe network, pipe blockage, deformation, disconnection and fracture will occur, resulting in leakage and waste of water source; After the open channel, river and sewage pipe network operate for a long time, there will be a lot of sludge and floating objects inside. When the sludge is blocked to a certain extent, sewage backflow will occur, polluting the surrounding and groundwater environment.

In order to timely and accurately grasp the operation characteristics of urban water supply and drainage pipe network, it is necessary to measure its liquid level, velocity and flow and other basic operation parameters, obtain continuous liquid level, velocity and flow data, and master its change law. Through the instantaneous analysis, statistical calculation and model simulation of these basic data, the current situation of the system can be diagnosed and evaluated comprehensively, Lay a solid data foundation for the development of various research work. The online monitoring system of urban sewage pipe network flow can realize the real-time monitoring of underground sewage flow in urban sewage pipe network, and use the monitoring data to assist the management and maintenance of sewage pipe network.

system architecture

The online flow monitoring system of urban sewage pipe network is a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system composed of flow monitoring instruments, modern sensing technology, automatic measurement, automatic control technology, computer application technology, relevant special analysis software and communication network.

The system is mainly composed of field acquisition unit, data processing unit (measurement host), communication network and data service platform of monitoring center. The system measures the fluid flow rate, water level, water temperature and flow by acoustic Doppler flowmeter. The telemetry terminal RTU transmits the data to the flow monitoring center through 3G / 4G / GPRS / SMS network. The monitoring center can visually monitor the field data in real time in combination with the corresponding monitoring and analysis software to realize the unattended and managed mode of system operation.

How to use sensor technology to detect the flow of urban sewage pipe network

System topology

System core products

H1688 acoustic Doppler flowmeter used in the system is a very cost-effective contact acoustic Doppler flow measurement equipment, especially suitable for fluid flow measurement with turbidity greater than 20mg / L. the same series of products can also be used for flow measurement of solid-liquid two-phase flow. It has the characteristics of micro power consumption, high precision and wide range. It is easy to operate. It can detect a variety of parameters such as flow, flow rate, water level, water temperature, residual power and voltage at the same time, which can well meet the needs of users for high precision and high stability of products. Compared with other conventional flowmeter or other ultrasonic flowmeter, it has the remarkable characteristics of high precision, high reliability, high performance and moderate price. The specific technical characteristics are as follows:

Section velocity measurement: the measurement section of the ultrasonic probe is oval, covering the velocity of different depths, which is closer to the section velocity;

High measurement accuracy: the band selected Fourier transform (Zoom FFT) algorithm ensures the stability of measurement results and has millimeter level velocity resolution;

Unique structural design: through the patented structural design, it can effectively prevent the sludge from blocking the key measuring parts and reduce the maintenance of the flowmeter;

Low power design: overall low power design of embedded software and hardware, advanced power management strategy and scientific working mode switching;

Wide application scenarios: full and non full pipe flow measurement with turbidity greater than 20mg / l can be used. The sedimentation monitoring function can be expanded by selecting macro electric related accessories;

High protection grade: IP68 waterproof and dustproof grade, which can meet various applications;

Circuit abnormal protection: it has overvoltage protection, surge voltage protection and reverse connection protection of power polarity to avoid electrical damage caused by misoperation.

The operation and maintenance of the online flow monitoring system of urban sewage pipe network is simple and convenient, which can well meet the requirements of real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of flow, so that managers can timely and accurately grasp the drainage water flow of their pipe network, and realize the purpose of automatic real-time monitoring and remote monitoring of flow.

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