In order to prevent the virus from spreading on a large scale in the community, many countries have also introduced measures to restrict people from going out. In Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, the local police decided to deploy a robot to patrol the streets, so that the authorities could observe whether there were crowds gathering and wandering in the streets, and then came forward to advise the other party and ask for relevant supporting documents.

In response to the severity of the epidemic, the Tunisian government announced earlier that everyone must stay at home if they are not for medical reasons or go out to buy necessities. Even if they go out, they must carry relevant supporting documents. In order to implement the relevant measures, the local police deployed the robot named pguard earlier. Once people are found on the street, they will come forward and ask the other party why they are out, and the other party also needs to display their identity documents and other documents in front of the robot’s camera to help the authorities authenticate.

However, the Tunisian police have not disclosed how many robots have been deployed locally, and the manufacturer Enova robotics also said in an interview with the media that it would not disclose more details due to confidentiality, nor did it disclose the price of the robots. The company also disclosed that it is currently developing robots for medical purposes to reduce the physical contact between medical staff and diagnosed patients and reduce the risk of infection.

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