The purge equipment of vortex flowmeter is mainly used in static pressure liquid level measurement, static pressure density measurement and differential pressure method flow or level measurement. In traditional application, the combination of glass tube rotameter and constant flow valve is often used to manufacture purging equipment. However, in the field of modern industry, high temperature, high pressure or corrosive medium conditions are often encountered. Therefore, the combination of metal tube rotameter and constant flow valve is needed to solve the problems of high temperature, high pressure and medium corrosion. After many field applications, the purging device made of metal tube rotameter can be stably and reliably applied to the process control of transmitter purging and liquid level measurement by differential pressure method in petroleum refining, chemical industry, ethylene, chemical fertilizer, steel, chemical fiber and textile industries.

How to use rigid flexible combination method to repair vortex flowmeter with good effect

The gas supplied by the gas source of the main pipeline is divided into multiple branches according to the needs. If the gas flow rate of several branches is closed or adjusted, the gas supply pressure of the main pipeline will change. The single circuit purging device installed on the branch pipe can accurately measure the flow rate and keep its output flow constant.

In practice, we used rigid flexible combination method to repair vortex flowmeter, and the effect is good. The specific method is: take the rubber tube of sphygmomanometer cuff (outer diameter: 8mm, inner diameter: 4mm), cut a small section of 5mm. This rubber tube can be placed in the rigid fixed sleeve between the regulating seat and the adjusting screw rod. The sleeve has an inner ridge of about 3mm, which can make the rubber tube tight It is closely inlaid on the inner sill. The protruding part of the rubber tube is about 2mm. Under the fastening of the outer nut, it is tightly connected with the adjusting seat. This rubber tube not only plays the role of rubber gasket sealing, but also changes the rigid joint between the original adjusting seat and the adjusting screw rod into rigid flexible joint, so as to solve the problem of loose closing completely. This innovative maintenance can also improve the flow rate The switch performance of the meter is light, and it can be replaced after the rubber tube is aged and deformed.

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