With the continuous development of society, people’s travel tools are also changing. Electric bicycles can be seen everywhere, especially the rapid development of takeout and express industry, which makes electric bicycles shuttle through all streets and alleys. According to incomplete statistics, by 2018, the social ownership of electric vehicles in China had already exceeded 250 million, and this number is still increasing. At the same time, the large number of electric bicycles and the great difficulty of management have brought great challenges to traffic order management and social security construction.

The rise and development of network technology has brought many conveniences to people’s social life. The continuous development and maturity of the Internet of things has also brought new solutions and directions to electric vehicle management. Based on RFID automatic identification technology and relying on the perception system of urban Internet of things, an RFID urban electric bicycle management system is established by issuing RFID electronic license plates to electric vehicles, so as to realize the intelligent management of anti-theft security, vehicle tracking, traffic control and other systems of electric vehicles.

How to use RFID technology to manage electric bicycle

In short, the solution of electric bicycle management based on RFID technology is to install an RFID electronic chip in the license plate issued by the electric bicycle, which is equivalent to issuing a unique “ID card” to each electric bicycle, and implementing the real name system of electric bicycle management to ensure one license and one certificate for each vehicle. Register the basic vehicle information and owner of each electric bicycle in the management system; At the same time, RFID fixed or mobile base stations are set in fixed traffic posts, dense traffic sections and complex commercial street areas to read, write and identify RFID electronic chips, so as to realize automatic identification, positioning tracking and anti-theft management of electric bicycles.

Vehicle owners can master the dynamic information of electric vehicles by installing management app. App supports viewing the real-time position of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is displaced, it can directly notify the owner through the alarm function. The owner can choose to view and playback the vehicle track to track the vehicle. This function can also assist the public security organ to find and lock the stolen vehicle, recover the stolen vehicle and avoid the loss of the owner.

The traffic police department carries out the filing of electric bicycles through the cloud platform established by RFID electronic license plate, enters the vehicle license plate number, owner information and vehicle information, strictly controls the illegal and disciplinary electric bicycles on the road through the linkage with video monitoring system and 110 traffic management platform, and seriously crack down on the illegal acts of non motor vehicles such as retrograde, running red lights, illegally occupying roads and crossing roads, Associate the illegal acts of electric bicycles with the credit platform to promote the group owners to actively abide by the order and the law.

In May this year, Shanghai took the lead in using RFID electronic number plates to manage electric bicycles in the urban area. Since June 25, Nanjing has also comprehensively promoted the implementation of a unified electronic number plate system for delivery vehicles in the takeout and express industry in the city. By the end of September, the patrol Corps of Chongqing Public Security Bureau has also linked a number of delivery units of takeout and express to comprehensively carry out unified and standardized management, Establish a mechanism of “one person, one vehicle, one card and one code”. The Internet of things has become one of China’s strategic emerging industries. The gradual improvement of relevant policies and legal system has pushed the development of the Internet of things to a new climax. RFID technology is one of the most critical technologies of the Internet of things. Its huge market space will take advantage of the east wind of the Internet of things. The management of electric bicycles based on RFID technology will also be popularized in the whole society.

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