The RFID asset inventory system integrates asset inventory, asset card printing and RFID tag printing. The asset inventory docking system is more convenient and the system integration risk is lower. It is conducive to the change of asset inventory method by administrative enterprises and institutions. The RFID asset inventory scheme can be used without changing the existing fixed asset management software to make asset inventory faster.

Brief description of RFID asset inventory system

At present, the form of market asset inventory is mainly bar code. With the maturity and improvement of RFID technology, more and more fixed asset management are slowly changing to RFID.

1. Parameter comparison between bar code and RFID Technology

How to use RFID technology to make the inventory of fixed assets of public institutions simple

2. RFID asset inventory function features

2.1 batch inventory identification

Using the characteristics of batch identification of RFID technology, multiple assets can be read in groups at the same time.

2.2 efficient inventory

Barcode inventory needs to be scanned one by one and scanned at a short distance, which wastes time and energy. The application of RFID technology can combine the tasks of multiple code scanning into one time and one time at a long distance.

2.3 low investment cost

The inventory collection application based on the offline version of rfid-pda only costs the RFID PDA and inventory system, plus the input cost of the tag. However, the service life of the RFID electronic tag chip is up to 50 years and the service life of the anti metal tag is up to more than 30 years, so the cost shared to each year will be very low.

2.4 convenient system connection

As long as the inventory data of the existing management system is exported to rfid-pda, the inventory can be implemented.

2.5 the system is simple and easy to use

Based on the design principle of zhiwobang system and the guideline of “less input”, each interface is designed and applied. Customers can easily complete the inventory by clicking the button.

2.6 accurate inventory data

After counting, the data can be exported.

For asset inventory, the fixed asset inventory management personnel quickly read the fixed asset information through the RFID mobile handheld terminal to complete the inventory of fixed assets. The information read by the RFID mobile handheld terminal is compared with the information in the system, and the normal or abnormal data are processed in time to avoid repeated inventory or wrong inventory. The system automatically records the counting information. If there is a discrepancy between the account and the actual, the system will prompt the difference.

In this way, the asset inventory can not only be easily completed with high accuracy, but also avoid the trouble of making inventory reports. How can such an asset inventory not be loved?

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