As we all know, 200cn delisted, and 200smart gradually occupied the vast majority of the market share. Many users who have turned around from 200 have been easily upgraded, because microwinsmart can directly open the microwin project, which can be used with simple modification. It can be said that it is very simple and convenient.

There must be a process to update the product. Just like our customers, 200cn has a large amount in use. Comparatively speaking, the number of 200smart is still small. Users still need spare parts for 200cn. Sometimes you need to convert the microwinsmart program to 200cn. At first, you need to copy and paste the program to 200cn.

Today, when I read the answer section, I found that there are also some questions about how to use 200cn for 200smart program. The opinions of netizens are mostly about copying or rewriting the program. This is also the problem I encountered in the early stage and the method I used. Today, I will introduce the way I used most, or the way that is easy to make mistakes.

Whether it is microwin or microwinsmart, the suffix of subroutine is *. Awl, so you can export and import subroutines to quickly transplant programs.

Right click the corresponding subroutine in microwinsmart and select export:

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pIYBAGAFVOiAKtwYAAGQ_ R_ - yts384 . png

Since the exported file type is *. Awl, the import in microwin is a matter of course.


After importing, the microwin subroutine is covered by the imported smart program.


Of course, copy and paste is also a relatively fast way. You can select all the network copy and paste of the whole subroutine. I won’t repeat it here.

After importing, you need to modify the program, which mainly involves the input and output address of analog quantity, the range and the differences between the two software. Then you can download and debug.

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