01. Background

As a key department of the state, power grid is not only the center of national economic construction, but also the key unit of fire control. Fire protection is an important aspect of substation security work. At present, the image of fire protection is relatively good on the whole, but there are also some prominent problems.

Smart grid consists of smart power generation system, distribution network, energy meter, intelligent dispatching, substation, interactive terminal and many other parts, among which substation is an important part of smart grid. It is particularly important to realize the comprehensive intelligence of the substation. The substation plays a connecting role in the whole process of current transmission and voltage transformation of the power grid. The substation is equipped with various fire alarm and fire-fighting systems to suppress and extinguish early fires, so as to protect the safe operation of all links of the substation, especially important facilities such as transformers. Therefore, the construction of intelligent fire-fighting facilities in the substation is the most critical link for the full implementation of intelligent substation.

02. Scheme requirements

The ideological understanding is not enough, and the leaders do not pay enough attention to it

The configuration of “software” and “hardware” of substation fire safety management is inconsistent

03. Scheme introduction

Through the transformation of sensor measurement and control network technology, the traditional manual fire-fighting mode of substation is improved, new fire alarm equipment and advanced fire-fighting equipment are adopted, combined with video monitoring, infrared temperature sensing, lighting system, remote fire control and other technologies, and the intelligent system of fire-fighting facilities in substation is built to realize real-time fire alarm, remote control fire-fighting Give full play to the role of fire linkage between fire protection systems. Such intelligent fire protection has a complete mode of monitoring, judgment and control functions, which can meet the needs of unmanned substation.

Through the timely sensing of the fire by the sensor, quickly feed back the fire site situation and specific location to the personnel of the centralized control center, help the firefighters formulate effective fire-fighting plans in time, scientifically dispatch the firefighters and fire-fighting resources, effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents and improve the fire-fighting efficiency and safety quality.

Centralized control is carried out in the fire command center at the provincial and municipal level to realize effective remote fire control and real-time supervision of substations at all levels, ensure the safe and effective operation of substation fire-fighting equipment, ensure the safe production of substations, timely rescue in case of fire accidents and prevent fires, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the intellectualization of substations.

04. Scheme value

1. Unified platform, information sharing

Integrating monitoring, alarm, supervision and information release, branches / sub branches and outlets, fire supervision departments, industry competent departments, governments at all levels, public security police stations and the public share information. On the one hand, the personnel of all parties jointly monitor the fire safety situation. On the other hand, if an alarm occurs, the alarm information can be released to the threatened people in time to minimize the harm.

2. Big data analysis and intelligent prediction

Through the statistical analysis of the fire management data, we can predict the recent early warning trend and the general trend of the number of fires. At the same time, combined with the management experience of the fire management department, it points out the direction for the next work and plays an auxiliary role in decision-making.

3. Monitoring mode Internet of things

Adopt the most advanced Internet of things means such as 3G / 4G / Nb IOT / Lora to comprehensively monitor the key areas of fire safety without dead angle.

4. Information release mode: Mobile Internet

B/S platform, mobile phone APP, WeChat official account and other Internet and mobile Internet modes are used to release information, and satisfy the needs of all parties.

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