According to the report of China’s game industry in 2020 issued by the game working committee, there will be 665 million game players in China in 2020, including 654 million mobile game players. Among them, King glory and peace elite are very popular games, especially the latter. People enjoy eating chicken.

Chicken eating game not only has high technical requirements for players, but also tests the performance of mobile phones. In FPS electronic games, Caton is a nuisance, and even affects the results of the game.

What kind of performance meets the requirements? The first thing you think of is that the higher the number of frames, the better. At present, many mobile phones have achieved high brush rate of 90hz or even 120Hz in order to improve their fluency. Compared with 30 frame and 60 frame games, they have a better experience.

When the number of frames is high, it’s all right? Not yet. Experienced players who have played FPS games on computers must know that the average frame is only a part of the game’s performance. The stable and non fluctuating frame number is more important for the experience. If the highest frame of a game is very high and the lowest frame is also very low, then the roller coaster feeling is actually bad for the game.

This involves an important issue in the performance of mobile games, that is, the number of frames should be high and stable. The smaller the fluctuation, the better. Manufacturers need to make better optimization for mobile phones. For example, the glory V40 mobile phone supports gputurbox, software and hardware co optimization to improve game performance and frame rate stability.

What is the actual effect? In the chicken eating game, with the setting of smooth picture quality and limited frame rate, the test results of glory V40 mobile phone are as follows:

How to understand the frame number of mobile phone performance?

Test results of smooth picture quality + 90 frame mode

From the frame rate curve, the glory V40 has been stable at about 90 frames in the chicken eating game. Except for one fluctuation, the performance at other times is very stable. The average frame is 87.9 frames, and the Caton is 0. The comprehensive experience performance is excellent. On the one hand, it achieves 90 frames of high performance, while maintaining this performance.

Behind this performance is actually the powerful hardware optimization capability of V40. The stable frame number means that the CPU and GPU frequency of the whole machine are relatively stable throughout the whole process, and there is no obvious heating leading to frequency reduction. Let’s take a look at the baking machine of V40.

How to understand the frame number of mobile phone performance?

In this test, the performance of V40 can be stabilized at about 90-100% in the first few minutes, the CPU size and core frequency hardly change, and the performance of toaster can still be stabilized at 80% in about 10 minutes. From the floating-point test results, the performance loss is less than 15%, which is the performance under high load.

At the same time, the temperature of V40 toaster is also very low, and the whole process is only slightly hot. When tested by thermal imager, the temperature is only about 40 degrees, and there are not many mobile phones that will overheat or even get hot when playing games.

For glory V40, its hardware performance is enough to cope with the current mobile games. With the high brush screen, it can easily reach the limit frame rate of 90 frames. The optimization ability of glory gputurbox is also satisfactory. Not only the game performance is powerful, but also the frame rate is very stable and the fever is very low. The whole game experience will not go up and down like a roller coaster.

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