In June 2018, the “small black box” of opening the smart lock in three seconds was exposed on the Internet. A few days ago, CCTV again reported that a large number of smart locks have potential safety hazards. For users who have “boarded the car”, they will inevitably have concerns. Recently, many relatives and friends have been asking how to improve safety protection. Xiaobian believes that users buy smart lock products of big brands, I believe it is not on the list of CCTV reports and small black box attacks, but if you want to be more at ease, installing a camera at the door is the best way. This paper popularizes the basic cognition of intelligent lock in the form of graphics and text.

What is ABC lock

At present, the main lock cylinder levels of intelligent lock are Grade A, grade B and grade C, and the security level is increased in turn. Therefore, choosing grade C lock cylinder is the priority, and the corresponding price will be higher. The last one in the figure below is the grade C key of intelligent lock being used by Xiaobian:

From the perspective of safety, users should give priority to selecting class C lock cylinder.

How to prevent “small black box” from unlocking

First of all, we need to understand that the small black box is a capacitor component that uses the transformer to boost the voltage to form a strong magnetic pulse interference lock, so that the automatic lock can be successfully cracked. From the perspective of electrical automation, Tesla coil uses electromagnetic interference to interfere with the motor drive board in the lock, so that the electromagnetic induction bypasses the detection of the intelligent lock and directly acts on the motor drive part to open the lock.

In order to avoid being opened in just a few seconds, intelligent lock users need to pay attention to one thing is to select anti-interference and antimagnetic intelligent door lock products; Second, the password of intelligent door lock must be set to strengthen security; Third, choose products of well-known brands.

Fingerprint tape and sensor card replication

In CCTV’s report, by sticking a small piece of adhesive tape on the fingerprint identification area of the smart door lock, and then unlocking it several times with the finger that has entered the fingerprint, and then finding inspectors of different ages who have not entered any fingerprint information to try to open the door lock one by one with their fingers at random, the door lock can be opened.

In addition, put a sensor card into the schoolbag and turn on the NFC function of the mobile phone, that is, the short-range wireless communication function. When the mobile phone is close to the schoolbag for a certain distance, a set of data appears on the mobile phone. According to experts, the attacker can use the information read to copy a sensing card exactly the same as the unlocking information of the sensing card in the schoolbag.

At the same time, the door lock with remote control function is also vulnerable to attack, resulting in the disclosure of password or other information. After all, “the lock is to prevent gentlemen but not villains”. At the same time, not all users of smart door locks are IT experts. Choosing the simplest way to improve security is the best way. In view of the above, whether it is tape, sensor card reproduction or small black box unlocking, criminals must operate near the door lock. Therefore, if there is a video capture device at the door, they can find problems in time and deter criminals. The author believes that installing a camera may not be the best way to improve the safety of the door lock, But it is the simplest way to assist the intelligent door lock at present.

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