Now the computer is already an indispensable thing in people’s life, and many people will choose to buy their own laptop to use; But many people don’t know the right posture to buy a laptop! Today, I’ll take you to know what you need to pay attention to when you buy a laptop!

First of all, there are many channels to buy laptops, such as online purchase or computer purchase; But not every one is reliable! Novices who don’t know how to buy this kind of valuables on the Internet are not very reliable, so they will go to the computer city to buy themSo here we have to correct that the computer city is often more unreliable than the online e-commerce platform! If you think about it, the shops in the computer city are all set up by the merchants themselves, and they have to pay a lot of rent every month; And the computer is not a constant replacement of goods; So what do businesses that have a business in a few days on average pay the rent? It’s just the wool on the sheep!

The current e-commerce platforms, such as Jingdong and tmall, are relatively perfect. Even if there is a real problem, it can be handled properly, and the price is relatively transparent, which reduces the risk of being trapped. Therefore, it is suggested that you go to the e-commerce platform to buy notebook computers!How to choose the laptop you need? First, determine your needs; Is it for ordinary office use, or for playing games, or for professional needs such as video rendering?

If it’s for ordinary office use, then you can’t use high performance, and convenience and endurance are the first factors you need to consider, so it’s better to directly find the light book; And play the game, the most need to pay attention to the graphics card! But high performance games are usually bulky, thick and heavyAnd if you need high-performance professional use, in fact, it is not recommended to buy a notebook! Because the notebook is limited by size and heat dissipation, it is difficult to plug in a very high-performance CPU; So the price of professional workstation laptop is basically 10000 yuan!

So what do you need to do when you buy a laptop? First of all, whether it’s online shopping or computer city, it’s best to check it after you buy it. You should know that it’s not necessarily new with new packaging! Especially in the previous two years of e-commerce platform, the sales situation of repackaging is very serious!The first thing to check is the appearance, whether there are fingerprints, scratches and so on. If there are traces that have been used, contact the merchant as soon as possible; After the appearance check is normal, turn on your computer and enter the system!After entering the system, if you know something about computers, you can use professional software such as aida64 to test. If you don’t know computers, you can download a software from Master Lu to testWith these software can detect whether the hardware is normal, as well as the hard disk power on time, if the hard disk power on time is relatively long (generally less than 20 hours is normal), you can basically determine that it is also used to return the machine, at this time also need to contact the business


If everything is normal, congratulations on your successful purchase of an original laptop; However, with regard to the second-hand problem, the e-commerce platform has improved a lot in the past two years, which is not as rampant as the “trial party” in the previous two yearsFinally, the best choice for e-commerce platform is to choose Jingdong self operated store and tmall official flagship store; This kind of more official platform can guarantee the authenticity, and the problem is relatively easy to solve! Finally, I wish you can buy your favorite laptop

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