Industrial computers, commonly known as industrial computers, are commonly used in control equipment at the work site. In recent years, with the in-depth promotion of “industry 4.0”, “made in China 2025” and the Internet of things, the industrial computer market has ushered in new development opportunities.

The industrial site environment is complex, the industrial control computer is faced with factors such as vibration, dust and high electromagnetic field interference, and the industrial site often operates continuously for a long time, which requires high stability of the industrial control computer. In the process of using the industrial computer, there are often such faults or problems, which requires the industrial computer users to quickly solve the problems, so as not to affect the production and manufacturing. Taking the slow startup of the industrial computer as an example, in the process of using the industrial computer, the starting time of the industrial computer is too long, which will cause psychological and time problems to the users. When the industrial computer starts slowly, the following factors can be considered first:

Are there too many auto start items in the startup file of the industrial computer system?

Is there a bad track on the disk?

Is there too much fragmentation in the disk?

Are there too many junk files?

Is the network card set incorrectly?

Is the industrial computer poisoned?

The specific solution steps are as follows:

Step 1: clean the dust inside the chassis and confirm whether the fan speed is normal.

Step 2: first check the self startup item file of the industrial computer, check and prohibit the non system application that does not need to be started, and reduce the number of self startup files.

Step 3: uninstall infrequently used applications to improve the computing performance of industrial computer.

Step 4: conduct a comprehensive test on the disk to detect whether there are bad tracks on the disk.

Step 5: run the disk defragmentation program in the industrial computer to sort out and remove the fragments.

Step 6: clean up the junk files in the disk while defragmenting and clearing the fragments.

Step 7: if there is still a problem with the industrial computer after the previous steps, it may be related to the network card. You can try to adjust the network settings to see if they are effective.

Step 8: if there is still no recovery, the industrial computer continues to get stuck and the startup time is too long. It is speculated that the industrial computer may be infected with virus, and anti-virus software can be used to kill virus or reinstall the system. If the above measures are not effective, send them to the industrial computer manufacturer for inspection and maintenance.

At present, the application field of industrial computer has been very extensive. Industrial computer has been widely used in industrial field, industrial automation, medical, transportation and other industries. In the future, the industrial computer industry will be widely developed from the perspective of technology, market and application. In order to make better use of the industrial computer and keep the industrial computer in good working performance, necessary and reasonable maintenance must be carried out for the industrial computer in daily use.


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