Operation method

1. If the mobile phone runs out of memory, you can clear the cache through the security center of the mobile phone. The cache includes junk files, empty folders, unloading residues, and album preview. If the mobile phone does not have a security center, you can download the third-party cleaning software in the app store.

In addition, with more and more functions of the software, the volume of the app will become larger. Therefore, for the mobile phone with small running memory, the running of these software will be stuck, and the mobile phone with large memory needs to be selected.

2. If the storage space of the mobile phone is insufficient, you can use the TF card. Most mobile phones support the TF Card extension. Generally, the maximum support is 512gb. You can choose according to your needs.

Many apps will cache and occupy storage space during operation, and can be cleaned manually, such as wechat. You can go to the wechat settings page and click “general” – wechat storage space to clean up.


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