Siemens touch screen is powerful and comprehensive, with super overload capacity to meet a wide range of applications. Siemens touch screen has the function of self-protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, overheating, short circuit protection, etc. Even so, there will be irreparable faults in use, which must be handled efficiently and flexibly by professional engineers. Of course, some common faults also need to be mastered by equipment maintenance personnel. Here are some common Siemens touch screen maintenance problems for your reference!

This kind of problem is more difficult. The touch screen maintenance personnel need to master certain circuit principles, have certain hands-on ability, and have certain experience. The touch screen is a highly integrated chip such as DSP as the control core. During maintenance, it is necessary to compare the circuit diagram provided by the chip manufacturer, generally including crystal oscillator, peripheral IC and other faults.

How to solve the fault of Siemens touch screen

There are two reasons for Siemens touch screen crash: software or hardware. First, we should use the software to restore the factory settings and eliminate the software problems. If the factory settings cannot be restored or the same phenomenon still occurs after the factory settings are restored, we should consider the hardware problems and select a professional Siemens touch screen maintenance manufacturer for maintenance.

This is caused by external force factors similar to the touch glass, but not too much. Most of them are caused by the aging of the liquid crystal, which is also handled by replacement. There are also different problems of different specifications of liquid crystal from different manufacturers. Another reason is the damage of the liquid crystal driver, which needs to be handled with the circuit board.

This is a place where there is a lot of contact with human hands, and it is also a surface layer that is prone to problems. Generally, this type of fault is caused by the rude action of the user’s personnel, as well as careless transportation. The result is generally broken. Occasionally, the internal resistance and other devices may be broken. This kind of fault is only caused by changing the touch glass, Because various manufacturers have different specifications and standards during production, there is often a process of “mold opening” during replacement. Once the mold is opened, the touch screen maintenance is a very simple thing, that is, replacement.

Communication failure will be caused if the communication program of lower computer is not set correctly, the address of man-machine interface system is not correct, the communication port is burned, the communication line is short or not connected to the right line, poor contact, etc.

Generally, it is caused by the position offset of the buttons corresponding to the LCD and the glass, or by the aging of the touch glass. The former can be re corrected according to the “correction center point” function provided by the man-machine interface manufacturer. The latter needs to replace the touch glass, and some are caused by poor contact. Cleaning can solve the problem.

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