Monitoring cameras are distributed in urban road intersections and key sections where traffic and pedestrian flow are relatively concentrated. These monitoring points are the main nodes of urban road network and street surface, and are used to monitor the traffic security of the whole city or a certain area. The reasonable monitoring camera can ensure the road monitoring effect and achieve excellent picture quality. As an indispensable part of smart city, the selection of road surveillance camera needs to follow eight principles! You know what?

How to select the road monitoring camera and what should be paid attention to

1. First of all, the road camera should support 485 communication protocol to maintain the recognition of the characteristic environment parameters.

2. Secondly, the lens effect of automatic aperture should be recognized by road camera in all aspects, so as to get dynamic performance effect and better realize the quality of image signal.

3. For the performance of high-definition video monitoring, real-time monitoring performance is also required. For road special cameras, through some performance effects with low illumination, the performance image features of low illumination can be realized in the case of dusk or night;

4. Of course, in terms of HD performance, road monitoring cameras can also be satisfied as much as possible, so as to achieve more beautiful performance characteristics;

5. For road cameras, the performance of automatic shutter and automatic gain or white balance is also an aspect that can be added;

6. The use of CCD sensor has always been one of the contents of road special cameras. The comprehensive experience performance can be obtained by reasonable CMOS technology;

7. In order to meet the characteristics of 24-hour uninterrupted work, the best way is to achieve some functional features of low illumination to obtain clear video image performance characteristics.

8. Of course, for some high-definition image quality requirements, it is also necessary to obtain a higher dynamic range effect through the performance of signal-to-noise ratio, so as to ensure the performance effect of image signal quality in different environments and win the development direction.

Urban road monitoring system plays an important role in public security prevention and control. Following the eight principles of road surveillance camera selection, further optimizing the monitoring system, expanding its functions and selecting the right surveillance camera can provide technical support for the detection of traffic, public security and other cases, and improve the law enforcement level and efficiency of law enforcement departments.

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