Smart camera “tampering”, monitoring “shaking” into live broadcast; If “Careless Eyes” are marked on the app, personal information can be easily stolen; Sweeping away the hidden dangers, QR code may become a new means of fraud… Network violations are constantly renovated and transformed, bringing trouble to people’s lives.

Many representatives and members attending the two sessions of the National People’s Congress were deeply touched by this and launched a hot discussion on how to prevent new hidden dangers of network security.

What are the “new variants” of network security problems?

The rapid development of Internet technology not only brings convenience to people’s life, but also poses a challenge to security. At the beginning of this year, some app “default check” events attracted public attention.

“Most of the illegal software released by the Ministry of industry and information technology involve illegal collection and use of users’ personal information, forced binding and promotion of other application software, etc.” Lu Shan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and President of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said that last year, there were more than 2000 apps under the Ministry of industry and information technology, of which the use of new means to undermine network security accounted for a considerable proportion.

Representatives and members in the fields of Internet and communication believed that under the new situation, network security presents three major characteristics: the renovation of network viruses, the continuous derivation of new versions of old scams, and hidden dangers of new things on the network.

Zhou Hongyi, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of 360 group, said: “take new viruses or attacks as an example, they will never be on our blacklist and it is difficult to identify and defend. The blackmail virus sweeping the world last year is an example.”

“QR code payment has become a new trick. Wechat fake red envelopes contain phishing information, and even some wireless networks have loopholes. The visited websites and entered account passwords are clear in the background.” Liu duo, deputy to the National People’s Congress and President of the China Institute of information and communication, expressed a lot of emotion about the new hidden dangers derived from the old scam.

How to see the new hidden dangers of the network

There are also hidden loopholes in new technologies and applications such as industrial Internet and cloud computing. “If these new technologies are mastered by hackers, they will also bring new threats. For example, quantum computing can better realize big data computing, and can also be used by hackers to break through highly encrypted information.” In Liu duo’s view, the network is like a jungle with risks everywhere. While enjoying convenience, we should also tighten the fence on the safe boundary.

What are the reasons behind repeated prohibitions?

How many secrets are hidden behind the repeated network security alerts?

“Cake” is too tempting, and huge interests make criminals take risks. Take webcast as an example. Not long ago, Shandong investigated and destroyed the “Moonlight treasure box”, the largest pornographic cloud broadcasting platform in China, involving an amount of more than 20 million yuan.

Representatives and members believed that although the state strictly prohibited “yellow broadcasting”, some platform operators evaded supervision and attack by constantly changing platforms in order to pursue profits, ignoring the rules and bottom line.

After the real name system of telephone users, some criminals evaded supervision and implemented fraud by using number changing software and hacker means, causing huge economic losses to the society.

Not only immediate interests, in order to take the lead in the market, some enterprises and individuals over claim consumer rights, which is also close to “madness”. Liu duo said that many apps are forced to bundle software and obtain information beyond their authority in order to seize more data resources.

The supervision of new technologies and new applications lags behind, which also gives criminals an opportunity to take advantage of it. “Illegal acts are like makeup, or the characteristics are hidden or parasitic on new media. In addition, network attacks show the characteristics of cross domain integration, which has a much greater impact than in the past.” Zhou Hongyi said.

How to “see the move” and return the network to a pure land?

In the face of constantly renovating illegal acts, it is particularly important to do a good job of early warning and protection and “see the move and dismantle the move”.

“It is impossible for everyone to become a ‘Wulin expert’, but at least they should have certain self-defense skills. Relevant departments should also make new breakthroughs in early warning and defense.” Zhou Hongyi suggested changing the past practice of focusing on isolation, defense and defense, and focusing on how to find and respond as quickly as possible. Accelerate the monitoring and early warning of new technologies and new businesses, carry out technological innovation, perceive, predict and provide solutions to network threats.

We will organize a network security defense policy system and strengthen the punishment of violations of laws and regulations. Sun Pishu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Inspur Group, believes that in addition to strictly implementing the existing norms and regulations and innovating supervision methods, we should integrate the originally scattered protection provisions at the legislative level and establish a special protection mechanism. Strengthen the rectification of the source and increase the punishment.

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