With the rise of “Internet + medical care”, various kinds of social capital have poured in, and various kinds of internet medical care, Internet hospitals and cloud clinics have emerged. The wide application of this kind of informatization in the medical industry, on the one hand, is indeed convenient for patients, simplifies the process, improves the medical service ability and service quality, and improves the satisfaction of patients; On the other hand, there has been a lot of chaos, which must be paid attention to and rectified at the right time.

Need overall planning

For a long time, great investment has been made in the informatization construction of hospitals and regions, but there is a lack of overall planning. In order to create a chest pain center, a stroke center, a trauma center, a hypertension center, an atrial fibrillation center, a diabetes center, etc., as well as to facilitate the treatment of patients, the hospital has to pay millions or even tens of millions of yuan each year for the purchase of software and connection ports. However, at present, there is no unified regional planning integration design in some areas, the information between medical institutions is not interconnected and shared, the software is incompatible, the port is not open for free, and the island phenomenon is obvious.

Insufficient informatization of three medical linkage

The three medical linkage reform of medical treatment, medical insurance and medicine is being actively promoted, but the informatization linkage has not kept pace with the pace. For the 90 Day Renewal of chronic diseases, the use of electronic medical insurance cards, the annual total prepayment and lump sum of common chronic diseases, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry are highly motivated, but the information security of medical insurance is still lagging behind, which can not effectively promote the deepening of reform.

Information based medicine is not omnipotent

In medicine, informatization means can achieve breakthroughs in some fields, such as intelligent reading of ECG and image results, intelligent diagnosis of tongue image in traditional Chinese medicine, etc. However, the particularity of medical treatment lies in the communication between people. In this regard, the Internet can facilitate people, but it can not completely replace physical hospitals. Once there is no communication between people, real medicine will change its flavor. Online consultation, online follow-up, remote consultation, cloud based visit, etc. can solve some problems, but as for the medical process of the first patient, most of the examinations and tests can not be realized online except for the statement of the condition. Of course, the first internet medical diagnosis can be selectively released under specific conditions, such as specifying specific diseases, special patients, special systems, special regions and special scenarios. During the epidemic period, the advantages of internet medical care were further highlighted, especially in areas where medical resources were scarce. The first online diagnosis could obviously release more resources to treat patients, and remote consultation and online teaching could benefit more doctors in remote areas.

Internet medical service is difficult to conduct credit evaluation

The competitive ranking of search engines in Internet medicine, the indistinguishable and ambiguous phenomena in Internet health consultation, health management and diagnosis and treatment activities, and the sale of fake drugs on some trading platforms and wechat merchants are all problems that Internet medicine should face. Especially during the anti epidemic period this year, many hospitals and Internet health platforms have launched online medical services. At the same time, many industrial chaos and disputes have also become the focus of public opinion. For example, some platforms and wechat merchants are not fortified, and prescription drugs can be bought at will. Some also push promotional coupons for prescription drugs, and increase the price of drugs and recommend inappropriate drugs.

Internet medicine needs Humanities

The essence of medical management is quality and safety. Quality and safety, humanity and humanity should also be kept in mind by every internet medical practitioner. Informatization is a means, and medical treatment is the main body. Therefore, I have always advocated “medical + Internet” rather than “Internet + medical”. The Internet can help hospitals realize outpatient convenience and process reengineering, but it is by no means omnipotent, at least under the current technology. Therefore, the involvement of informatization in the traditional medical industry must be based on industry norms, medical ethics and laws and regulations. There is a threshold for medical treatment, and there should also be a higher threshold for internet medical treatment.

In view of the current internet medical situation, it is suggested to establish a unified Chinese medical and health big data platform for mutual sharing and use. Some sub platforms should be set up on this platform, involving public health, prevention and rehabilitation, medical treatment, health maintenance, health management and health industry; It is also necessary to establish a unified and authoritative Internet drug management sub platform, and all online drug dealers must be approved by the background before they can sell drugs.

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