As the main body of storing data and carrying key business systems, server is an important asset of enterprise IT system. Server security has always been regarded as the last line of defense in the whole field of information security; The vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the server have also been a fierce battle between attackers and information asset owners. Therefore, the security inspection and security protection of the server is the top priority.

However, the traditional patrol inspection often encounters some problems, such as: the patrol inspection is not on time, comprehensive and in place; Manual filling of patrol inspection results is inefficient and easy to miss items or make mistakes; It is difficult for the operation and maintenance personnel to timely, accurately and comprehensively understand the inspection status and optimize the inspection scheme, which makes the operation and maintenance personnel in urgent need of an intelligent inspection tool to replace manual inspection.

The cloud helper security patrol function supports the automatic patrol inspection of all management objects in the system, including system settings, system services, system users and security protection. It conducts an all-round multi index patrol inspection of equipment to comprehensively improve the correctness and efficiency of patrol inspection; According to the patrol inspection, one click repair is carried out to ensure the normal operation of the server and effectively improve the security of the server.

Preventing hacker intrusion is a severe challenge that every large Internet enterprise must face. The higher the value of the company, the greater the threat of invasion. Even Internet ancestors such as Yahoo still encounter full amount of data theft at the end of the curtain (acquisition). Attackers use hacker technology to invade enterprise servers, take this as a springboard, and then use easily available vulnerability attack tools to spread in the enterprise intranet, spread viruses and plant Trojans… Security is no small matter. Once the Internet company is successfully “invaded”, the consequences will be unimaginable.

How to realize server security patrol management more efficiently

In hacking activities, the most common method is to use system vulnerabilities to achieve the purpose of intrusion. According to the data statistics of enterprise user terminals, about 83% of Windows operating systems have high-risk vulnerabilities that have not been repaired in time, and there are risk system configuration items, such as no login password, open high-risk ports, firewall being closed, etc. Configuring the system safely can effectively prevent high-risk intrusion.

Cloud helpers automatically enable and reinforce the system through system settings such as patrolling the system firewall, banning Ping, disabling shared directories, preventing SYN Flood attacks, network security and speed optimization, so as to effectively prevent various potential threats in the system, repair security vulnerabilities in time, and strengthen security in advance.

Recently, RDP worm vulnerability cve-2019-0708 (bluekeep) is a headache topic for the security community. Cve-2019-0708 vulnerability is that by checking the user’s identity authentication, it can bypass the authentication, connect directly through the RDP protocol without any interaction, and send malicious code execution commands to the server. Therefore, the vulnerability is diffusible. This means that any malware that exploits this vulnerability may spread from the affected computer to the affected computer.

Relevant market statistics also show that RDP is the most mainstream attack vector, accounting for 63.5% of targeted extortion software attacks in the first quarter of 2019. So, how to better protect RDP? Cloud helpers improve the security level of remote desktop by automatically enabling RDP service and regular security inspection to ensure that data is not stolen; And create firewall rules to prevent unauthorized users from remote desktop access to help protect the computer.

In addition, cloud helpers also help users fully start services such as system event notification, windows error reporting, ikeext service hosting, collection and storage of network configuration information, so as to comprehensively improve system security and prevent system risks in time. The guest account is the so-called guest account. It can access the computer, but it is limited. Unfortunately, guest also opens the door for hacker intrusion! Many articles on the Internet have introduced how to use the guest user to get the administrator’s permission, so we should prevent the system intrusion based on the guest account in time.

Disabling or completely deleting the guest account is the best way. Cloud helpers automatically disable the guest account, so that intruders cannot log in to the computer through the guest account, so as to eliminate potential security risks. In order to block the requests of some crawlers or malicious users to the server, we often need to establish an IP blacklist; For the IP in the blacklist, refuse to provide services, which is also a heavy security protection for the server.

Similarly, we will close unnecessary ports to prevent viruses, such as 445, 135139, etc. ports such as 33895900 can be configured with a white list, and only IP connections in the white list are allowed to log in, which can greatly improve the security and quickness of the server. Cloud helpers automatically enable IP black-and-white list and port white list to identify and filter the identity of visitors, so as to restrict users accessing server resources and enhance the security protection of the server

From the perspective of actual operation and maintenance, the cloud helper’s security patrol and one click repair functions realize the intelligent patrol function, break the disadvantages of monotonous and boring manual operation, long cycle and poor reliability in the past, combine the fault root location with the intelligent patrol path, monitor the hidden dangers of the system, actively explore problems, and help users understand the patrol status in time, Don’t miss any exceptions. On the future development path, cloud helpers will continue to innovate and upgrade according to user needs to help users achieve safer and more efficient automatic operation and maintenance.


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