RFID (Chinese name is “radio frequency identification”) plays an important role in the development of China’s modern industry. It is one of the important foundations of China’s modern industry. Once humble RFID tags have now been widely used in industrial production process.

How to protect industrial RFID

Within the scope of industry 4.0, manufacturing has become more dependent on automatic tracking and reliable project identification. In order to ensure high flexibility in an increasingly complex, often heterogeneous but tightly connected environment, RFID technology becomes more and more important.

With its low-cost and almost universal installation foundation, RFID technology will be the ideal solution for organizing future industrial applications: developing the ability to reliably track the supply chain, helping to coordinate customer needs, customized production of small batch or single product, new industrial application prospects depend on communication and secure data flow and identity. Tiny UHF RFID tags are the driving force of these scenes. Honglu UHF RFID reader acts as the eyes and ears of the supply chain, automatic chemical plant environment, and subsequent delivery and distribution of finished products to target customers.

However, the traditional RFID system represents a potential weakness in the new iiot environment. Without additional security measures, the communication between RFID tags and RFID readers will become the target of cloning, reverse engineering, snooping, replay, man in the middle or denial of service attacks or other malicious attempts to sniff or manipulate data for harm or illegal profits.

With the ubiquitous mature technology like RFID, any attempt to plug these loopholes must be carried out within the given parameters and limited technical capabilities. To replace the whole concept seems to be an untenable choice in business. Therefore, the new security measures need to seamlessly meet the given standards, while adapting to as strong and multi-purpose security capabilities as possible.

In the application scenarios of industry 4.0, dongles can be seen everywhere, especially for different high-end devices, corresponding encryption schemes are needed, not just a USB hardware dongle. From the overall architecture design to the specific implementation of the solution, the choice of encryption scheme is also very important, and the pure hardware dongle has been unable to meet the development needs of high-end industry, the overall encryption scheme is bound to be more and more welcomed by enterprises.

Shenzhen Honglu Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading RFID hardware and solution integrator in the Internet of things industry. For many years, it has been focusing on the research of RFID core technology. It has an independent R & D center and has been granted a number of invention patents and international certification. Honglu has made achievements in industry 4.0, asset management, warehousing and logistics, intelligent retail, intelligent weighing, tobacco logistics, intelligent production line, vehicle management, smart grid and other fields, and has accumulated rich project experience.

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